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Gathering the Water It Is 1847, Northern England, And Charles Weightman Has Been Given The Unenviable Task Of Overseeing The Flooding Of The Forge Valley And Evicting Its Lingering Inhabitants Weightman Is Heartily Resented By These Locals, And He Himself Is Increasingly Unconvinced Both Of The Wisdom Of His Appointment And Of The Integrity And Motives Of The Company Men Who Posted Him There He Finds Some Solace, However, In His Enigmatic Neighbour, Mary Latimer Caring For Her Mad Sister, Mary Is Also An Outsider, And A Companionship Develops Between The Two Of Them Which Offers Them Both Some Comfort And Support In Their Mutual Isolation.As Winter Closes Steadily In And As The Waters Begin To Rise In The Forge Valley, It Becomes Increasingly Evident That The Man Made Deluge Cannot Be Avoided Not By The Locals Desperate To Save Their Homes, Nor By The Reluctant Agent Of Their Destruction, Weightman Himself.In A Masterful New Novel, Edric Captures Powerful Human Emotions With Grace And Precision The Hauntingly Resonant Backdrop To This Story Of David And Goliath Marks Edric S Dramatic Return To Historical Literary Fiction.

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    Gathering the Water explores a remote Northern valley in the weeks before it is flooded forever It reads like an allegory a water board employee dips into the enclosed lives of the inhabitants, having n

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    This is a somewhat puzzling book The prose is exquisite and the picture Edric paints of the bleak Pennine landscape is perfect he has an eye and a word for everything which makes the hills mysterious and forbiddi

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    The cover drew me in first The colour is at the perfect point between blue and grey and the drawing is lovely Who is the man and what is he looking down at I hadn t read anything by Robert Erdic before, but I was aware tha

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    A different book now to the one I read seven or eight years ago With a right wing government in the UK, a story about the dismantling of a poor community for the easy profit of the wealthy feels much closer to home.The Board are the

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    The journey of Charles Weightman is a journey of loss It is the loss of his enthusiasm, the loss of his purpose, the loss of his sense of self It is a novel about the journey that we must all take in life, and how we start that life full of d

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    This is a novel about a man who is sent to the site of a new dam in Lancashire in the 1830s He is the agent for the owners and his brief includes overseeing the clearances of the existing dwellings and the logistics preparing the dam for use This is a

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    This is a sad and dark novel that lingers in the mind long after finishing it The grief in it is sometimes overwhelming, but it is a realistic historical novel I would read by Robert Edric after finishing this.

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    Beautiful cover This was a quality read but I felt the lack of plot to sustain me after a while Not much happens, but it happens in beautiful prose

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    Este livro desiludiu me imenso Depois de ler o resumo da capa, fiquei curiosa com o livro e anos se passaram at o conseguir comprar a um pre o simp tico Li imensos elogios ao estilo de prosa do autor e vim a descobrir que este livro tinha ficado na longlist para o Booker Prize Assi

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    Given to me to read for my book group, the blurb on the back of this, and the Caspar David Friedrich inspired copied illustration on the cover gave me some hope.Alas, no, it wasn t to my tastes This is a tale from the mid Nineteenth Century of an engineer overseeing the flooding of a valley

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