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Red Sun Spread over fifteen of the country s twenty eight states, India s Maoist movement is now one of the world s biggest and most sophisticated extreme left movements

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    A surprisingly well written and well researched account on the subject.The book starts with some detailed maps and statistics regarding the people s war movement in India and ends with the urban perspective plan 2004 of CPI Maoist attached as an appendix The amount of organisation and how widespread the movement is, is both revealing and scary.A travelogue rather than a history as the author hims

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    very balanced book on the naxalite movement in india It traces the roots of the maoist insurgency in india as well as their ideology The author has some very interesting if not frightening conclusions about the consequence of such a revolution to the state the idea of In Land city states surrounded by Out land areas does not seem so outlandish given the way things are going More than any other boo

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    Red Sun Sudeep ChakaravartiNaxalbari has not died and it will never die Charu MujumdarNaxalism is one of the most debated, controversial and aggravated threat to India s national integrity It was also romanticize unnecessarily as a fight against injustice and inequality Typical stereotypical assessment of Maoism , that it is a socio economical issue which can resolve not with guns but with inclusiv

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    Red Sun is a travelogue and should not be mistaken as a purely academic foray into Naxalism Sudeep Chakravarti has written a fabulous account of his travels to the oft ignored parts of the country Much of information about Naxalism is provided through interviews of people from both sides of the fence The writer treads cautiously and comes short of making any conclusions thereby leaving the reader to

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    Brave, repetitive, dry, thought provoking and sometimes incoherent The author talks of his travels thru areas infested with Naxalism Talks with both rural and urban ideologues, police officers etc get repetitive.I liked narration style of Rahul Pandita s books

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    Middle class India is snug in the belief that India s primary security threats are terrorism emanating from Pakistan and aggressive designs on our territory by the Chinese This book argues that Left Wing Extremism in the form of Maoism aka Naxalism is actually the greatest internal security challenge that India faces However, the author puts it in perspective with the following words Maoism is NOT our

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    If you want to understand the history and practice of the Maoist revolution in India, try Hello, Bastar, or Arundhati Roy s extraordinary Walking With the Comrades If you want to understand the particular and peculiar anxieties of Indian liberals read this.

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    Would have likedbackground on CPI Maoist

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    Red Sun Sudeep ChakravartiRed Sun Travels in Naxalite country is a great travelogue in a true sense as the title suggests The uniqueness lies in the fact that the author himself has travelled throughout the red corridor putting his life at risk in incidents such as Police ambushes Great style of writing, beautiful use of imagery and enormous research makes it a must read book for students, legislators, a

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    The book portrays an unbiased view of the issue of naxalism A travelogue primarily, the book captures the thoughts of the author as he visits, and subsequently introspects trying to make sense of what he sees and hears from the people concerned with the issue The interviews with different people, be it within the structure of state the figurative demon according to leftists or the minds of the radical mov

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