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Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding HIS PREGNANT MISTRESSWhen Renowned International Playboy Giancarlo Vellutini Invites Shop Assistant Cassie Summers To Join Him For Dinner, How Can She Refuse After All, She Is An Ordinary Girl And Chances Like This Don T Come Around Very Often Throwing Caution To The Wind, Unworldly Cassie Is Completely At Giancarlo S Mercy Before She Knows It She Finds Herself Agreeing To Be His Mistress For Christmas But Will An Unexpected Gift Make This Temporary Festive Arrangement Last A Lifetime

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    What A Jack Ass.The hero is insufferable, arrogant and suspicious, surprise Cassandra, the heroine, is actually quite adorable and does try and stand up for herself Sadly, that only goes so far because Signore Capello Ass threatens view spoiler to take the baby She gives in reluctantly hide spoiler And, readers, why oh why, do evil OW never get a c

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    There were a few things I didn t like it such as 1 Many self introspection by the heroine and that she always thought the wrong things 2 The details descriptions of how different was the heroine and the hero I mean, she was poor, worked in shop, her clothes and shoes were cheap, she was less sofisticated than the other women that appear in the whole story an

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 3.5 starsHero goes through women life wanting no love commitment because Mom and dad left all the millions to his two minute older brother and said brother didn t offer a decent share, instead he stole the H s gold digger fianc e He earned all his money, though he already had the degree so

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    4.5 stars, rounded to 4 because the I didn t like the beginning very much, it wasn t interesting at all Heroine comes from a small town, is working in a department store The moment hero sees her, he turns into Boner Man, he is super attracted to her He invites her to dinner, she accepts, they have sex She agrees to become his mistress until Christmas, then leave They have a won

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    Heroine is a poor shop girl and hero is an arrogant alpha Italian hero who meets Cassie when he stops by her shop She finds herself agreeing to be his mistress for Christmas but when their time together ends she discovers she is pregnant and Giancarlo decides that marriage is the only solution Cassie accepts but she wants his love as well However Giancarlo is fixated on the past, his riv

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    The hero Giancarlo sees the heroine Cassie working in a busy department store, finding her totally captivating he asks her to have dinner with him Cassie is a little surprised by the offer, Giancarlo is so muchthan anyone she has ever met, at first she declines his offer but then changes her mind They end up spending the night together and Giancarlo is overwhelmed by both Cassie s innocence and he

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    The only reason it isn t one star is that it is readable Other than that, it doesn t work at all.The H genuinely does not give a shit about the heroine at all view spoiler Not until she s pregnant with his kid, and even then he only tells her he loves her when he s fucking her and later when he thinks she s miscarrying hide spoiler A romance has to have romance in it This one just didn t If she hadn t got p

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    Up front, I have to say that I m a HUGE Sharon Kendrick fan Her Alpha heroes sometimes tread dangerously close to the edge in their sexual arrogance, but they re always brought to their knees by her heroines.Sharon is brilliant at writing the journey of two people who meet, the mutual physical attraction which cannot be denied in spite of themselves and the rocky road to true love and happy ever after.This is a wonde

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    Finished 02 28 16Started 02 28 163 Innocent StarsI don t really matter to you, do I, Giancarlo not as a personSweet, innocent, country girl, Cassie has a job selling candles in an upscale London department store She meets and falls for an older, hot Italian Billionaire, Giancarlo Vellutini After a hot affair and a painful breakup, Cassie finds out she s pregnant Giancarlo s solution is to marry her to get his child But he has

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    Im not used in buying and reading sexy imprints of harlequin books But this one proves me that I should do read it Gosh, I fell in love with Gian Carlo s character I love him being arrogant turning to the sweet kind father in the end The only thing I didnt get satisfied here is the ending where the two told they love each other I think its not justified that well But anyway, its been a while since Ive read a book without putting it down

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