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The Devil America the land of opportunity, a place where economic prosperity beckons but not for PI Jack Taylor, who s just been refused entry Disappointed and bitter, he thinks that an encounter with an overly friendly stranger in an airport bar is the least of his problems Except that this stranger seems to know muchthan he should about Jack Jack thinks no m

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    For all intents and purposes, this book probably should have sucked pretty hard A fairly straight faced PI series suddenly introduces 8 books in a supernatural element And by supernatural element I mean our barely functioning PI Jack Taylor goes head to head in the streets of Galway with the Infernal One himself No, the title is anything but metaphorical.Actually, this

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    1 I read a 140 pages of this book on my ride into work It wasn t a ride that had any significant delays.2 I still don t know how I feel about the actual Devil being a part of the book I get how it pulls together some of the earlier novels, and now that I m writing this I see how this book is working like the David Lynch moment Bruen has a character tell Taylor about during t

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    The Devil the 8th book in the Jack Taylor series by Ken BruenThis 8th title was my least favourite in the series so far, although still a good readEn route to America Jack is stopped at the departure gate, so stops for a pint in the airport bar A well dressed man sits beside him, and starts up a conversation and seems to know a lot about JackJack has just sold his flat, but will

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    I look to you like a guy who does happy If a line could sum up Ken Bruen s masterful creationaccurately, I d like to see it Jack is back and not much has changed in his vice dependent life Adding to his ever growing list of failures, rejections, beat downs and misrepresentations is a refused ticket to America His fresh start thwart before it even begun Naturally it s smooth sailing do

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    Of all the books in the series to this point, this is the darkest Jack took a drink, then , then it was all downhill with Xanax, cigarettes, and cocaine Curt Kurt Mr K is apparently the Devil incarnate and he s come for Jack This was very much centered on religionthan anything else Just an okay read for me I hope this series isn t derailing.

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    I had not read any of the Jack Taylor series in four or five years, so, in an attempt to catch up, here I am Jack Taylor is drinking again, hooked on xanax, and doing the rounds of the bars I approve Mr Bruen appears to have taken some kind of left turn with this addition to the series We have here a romp into the supernatural that could have been called Jack and the Devil Yes the murders and v

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    Ken Bruen is one of the true masters of noir The man s writing style, some kind of cross between outright poetry and weirdly formatted prose, is a nice visual representation of the genre and private detective Jack Taylor is the perfect noir character It just does not get any darker than Jack Taylor.As this eighth novel of the series begins, Jack is disappointed but not surprised to learn that he has

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    Nightmares are the dress rehearsal for the dread awaiting.Jack is having nightmares alright He should have been in America but past misdemeanors have put paid to that Stopped at the departure gate, prevented from boarding his flight Jack does what Jack does It s a large Jay and a pint of the black in the airport bar A tall, slender man in a beautiful suit, long blonde hair, handsome, slides onto the stoo

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    Ken Bruen is an amazing writer This one I don t know was going on There is no mystery, really, which is fine Then the Devil shows up and gets angry about a bunch of Jack Taylor s old cases Then the devil starts killing anyone Jack talks to Then Jack kills the devil Then the devil shows up somewhere else quoting Rolling Stones lyrics Add in some heavy drinking, Xanax, and a return to smoking, diatribes about n

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    I love the Jack Taylor novels and like the ones in the past the writing is beautiful in this book However, I really have no clue why Bruen introduced a supernatural element into the 8th book of a series There is part of me that thinks the next book is going to start with him in a hospital bed having overdosed on cocaine and this book never happened If you took Taylor out it would have been aentertaining horror nov

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