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The Beet Queen On a spring morning in , young Karl and Mary Adare arrive by boxcar in Argus, North Dakota After being orphaned in a most peculiar way, they seek refuge in the butcher shop of their aunt and her husband So begins an exhilarating forty year saga brimming with colorful, unforgettable characters ordinary Mary, who will cause a miracle seductive Karl, who lacks his sister s gift for survival Sita, their lovely but disturbed cousin and the half Native American Celestine James, who will become Mary s best friend Theirs is a story grounded in the tenacity of relationships, the extraordinary magic of natural events, and the unending mystery of the human conditionBestselling, National Book Award winning author Louise Erdrich dazzles in this vibrant and heartfelt tale of abandonment and sexual obsession, jealousy and unstinting love that explores with empathy, humor, and power the eternal mystery of the human condition

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    I was looking forward to reading this novel for some time I read LaRose, and thought it quite good, very realistic, and a story that left you thinking about some important human issues But, for me, this story started off well and then deteriorated as it went along I am all for quirky characters, but this novel is nothing but quirky characters Not a single person here that I c

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    One of Erdrich s best just shy of Plague of Doves and The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse It s remarkable that this is just her second Although still episodic, The Beet Queen has a strong narrative flow and a great symmetry to the story that I found most satisfying Other things I loved fabulous, quirky characters, including three especially strong female characters

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    From the very first page I was reminded why I added all Louise Erdrich s books to my list after reading Love Medicine the characters The people who arefabulous than real , the people who Erdrich has not so much created as set in motion and followed, perhaps sometimes in horror, as they behave in ways we and I suspect she, and they did not expect The sheer exhilaration of knowing thes

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    I m a book behind on the Erdrich Medicine Readalong but I m glad to finally finish this one It feels like the entire premise is, Meanwhile, in the town nearby, and details the lives of multiple characters Siblings Mary and Karl are central, and Mary s cousin Sita Mary also befriends Celestine whose half brother is a Kashpaw, so there are still Kashpaws and Pillagers in the periphery It g

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    There is no one for creating rich, unpredictable, maddening, hilarious and heartbreaking characters like Louise Erdrich To read her is to study the craft of creating unique voices each of her characters, and there are so very many in The Beet Queen takes three dimensional, Technicolor shape in your mind Within The Beet Queen are familiar names and faces, such that I encourage any reader to b

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    I loved the first section of The Beet Queen I was intrigued by the characters, the situations they found themselves in, and their reactions to those situations I was captivated by the luminous beauty of Erdrich s prose I loved the beginning so much, in fact, that I figured I couldn t help but love the rest of the book as well.But I didn t Rather than develop and grow, the characters seemed to wi

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    My latest read is The Beet Queen, by Louise Erdrich, a unique tale, and I must honestly say that I m not sure how I feel about it.It starts out by introducing us to Adelaide, a kept woman, who has three children to a married man When this man suddenly dies, it is a catastrophe for her, and one day she abandons her three children in a most unusual and surreal way Those children, Karl, Mary, and a bab

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    This book was easier to follow than its predecessor, Love Medicine Unfortunately it also had an incorrect family tree It drove me batty.According to this one there s a Montana Kashpaw, brother of Eli Eli is in Love Medicine along with his brother not Montana , so where did he come from Then Russell is mentioned as a half brother to Eli but according to the family tree he s the son of Montana I depended

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    This isof a confession about my neglect than a review of the novel When Erdrich burst on the broad stage of acclaimed writers back in the 1980 s, with her Love Medicine, I sidestepped and have done so ever since then Published in 1986, The Beet Queen contains flashes of brilliance and attempts at it My problem was that I could not see the purpose for the multi narrative structure Time leaps, narrator shifts

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    North Dakota sets the stage for the story of Mary Adare and her friends and family When she and her brothers are still young, they are abandoned by their mother at a fair Mary s infant brother is snatched from them at the fair Left with nothing, Mary and Karl hop on a train and set off for Argus, the hometown of Aunt Fritzie and Uncle Pete and their daughter, Sita Mary stays in Argus and grows up in her aunt s

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About the Author: Louise Erdrich

Karen Louise Erdrich is a American author of novels, poetry, and children s books Her father is German American and mother is half Ojibwe and half French American She is an enrolled member of the Anishinaabe nation also known as Chippewa She is widely acclaimed as one of the most significant Native writers of the second wave of what critic Kenneth Lincoln has called the Native American Renaissance.Forinformation, please see a book description Author Biography Louise Erdrich is one of the most gifted, prolific, and challenging of contemporary Native American novelists Born in 1954 in Little Falls, Minnesota, she grew up mostly in Wahpeton, North Dakota, where her parents taught at Bureau of Indian Affairs schools Her fiction reflects aspects of her mixed heritage German through her father, and French and Ojibwa through her mother She worked at various jobs, such as hoeing sugar beets, farm work, waitressing, short order cooking, lifeguarding, and construction work, before becoming a writer She attended the Johns Hopkins creative writing program and received fellowships at the McDowell Colony and the Yaddo Colony After she was named writer in residence at Dartmouth, she married professor Michael Dorris and raised several children, some of them adopted She and Michael became a picture book husband and wife writing team, though they wrote only one truly collaborative novel, The Crown of Columbus 1991 The Antelope Wife was published in 1998, not long after her separation from Michael and his subsequent suicide Some reviewers believed they saw in The Antelope Wife the anguish Erdrich must have felt as her marriage crumbled, but she has stated that she is unconscious of having mirrored any real life events.She is the author of four previous bestselling andaward winning novels, including Love Medicine The Beet Queen Tracks and The Bingo Palace She also has written two collections of poetry, Jacklight, and Baptism of Desire Her fiction has been honored by the National Book Critics Circle 1984 and The Los Angeles Times 1985 , and has been translated into fourteen languages Several of her short stories have been selected for O Henry awards and for inclusion in the annual Best American Short Story anthologies The Blue Jay s Dance, a memoir of motherhood, was her first nonfiction work, and her children s book, Grandmother s Pigeon, has been published by Hyperion Press She lives in Minnesota with her children, who help her run a small independent bookstore called The Birchbark.

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