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An Honest Love Anna must find the courage to tell Lukas the truth Will he find the courage to forgive her Anna was once betrayed by someone she loved deeply In an attempt to never be hurt again, she and her mother relocated to Middlefield, Ohio It was the ideal place for Anna s broken heart to mend In Middlefield, Anna withdrew from risk, placing all her attention on managing the new gift shop she and her mom boughtWhen Lukas introuces himself, Anna can t resist her attraction to him Though she finds herself falling in love, she s hiding a piece of her past in fear that their future will be destroyed if she tells him the truthBut love can t be built on lies and the past comes rushing back to Anna in an irreversible way Now Lukas must decide how he will react to Anna s betrayal As they cling to their belief in an honest love, they realize it s a path they must walk together even as it leads to unexpected places

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    An Honest Love by Kathleen FullerI liked reading this series, Anna had her heart broke when her finance left abruptly and she keeps her feelings gaurded now, can anyone break through this barrier and show her love.Anna and her mother move to Ohio to start life anew.

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    I loved this book It kept me hanging until the end loved the story of anna and Lukas, as well as the story of Aaron and Elisabeth I am pretty sure there will beto that story in the third book, which I am just starting.

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    After a broken engagement and heart, Anna Esh has moved with her mother to Middlefield, Ohio and opened a gift store There she meets Lukas Byler, who soon is helping her with repairs at the store and slowly working his way into her heart But Anna is afraid to love and trust again and soon is keeping a secret from Lukas a secret that could ruin their relationship Meanwhile, Lukas s sister Elisabeth, who can be a bit scatterbrained, has started working for Gabe Miller Her work brings her in After a

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    Just finished reading this one last night I very good read I enjoy reading books about the Amish Even though they are fictional, I get to enter their world, which is so different from my own, and spend a few hours It makes me appreciate my family relationships , because the Amish are all about their families.There are two stories going on in An Honest Love This first is about Anna She has moved to Ohio to break free from her past relationship where she was jilted She has come to open Just finished re

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    Trying to get on with her life after the man she loved betrayed her, Anna and her mother moved to Middlefield where she can protect her heart and keep from ever being hurt again Time and a new place seem just the things she needed to mend her broken heart She put all her efforts and thoughts into the new gift shop she and her mother purchased And then she meets Lukas She can t resist the attraction between them, and find herself falling in love Her fear of losing Lukas forces her to keep a Trying to get

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    I love that you get two love stories for the price of one in Kathleen Fuller s books Often times, I find myself enjoying the secondary subplot romance eventhan I do the one that makes it to the back cover blurb In An Honest Love, though, I was rooting for both couples equally And then I got mad at one couple lol so the field narrowed to just the one for a little while But to me, the character that made this book was Onkel Zeb He was hilarious Always in the background, his commen I love that you get two love

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    THis is a simple sweet little book I did not like the deceit that is woven through this book I understood it and found it to be understandable in context to the storyline I just found the character to be a little too selfish I understand how human the choices were but I just could not like it when those choices have an affect on someone else who does not have all of the information they should have I also felt the forgiveness and resolution came a little too easily I wonder if some residual THis is a simple swee

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    I ve been wanting to get back to Middlefield for a while now, so I was quite excited to be able to read this book this month Sadly, this didn t live up to all my excitement The story follows two different couples, where a pair of siblings find their significant others The problem I had with it was that there was a lot of deception going on for an Amish story It didn t feel like a true Amish Romance Aaron and Elizabeth s romance was the better of the two for me, though I did appreciate the str I ve been wanting to ge

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    I did not like this book very much.The writing, romance, and story were not very good Once again, the reluctant love is present That really annoys me.Maybe read this if you like romance If not, then don t.

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    Title AN HONEST LOVEAuthor Kathleen FullerPublisher Thomas NelsonMarch 2010ISBN 978 1 59554 813 9Genre Inspirational AmishElisabeth is a bit klutzy, but she is trying to work carefully so she won t mess up as much She is thrilled when Gabe offers to hire her to work in the office of his blacksmith shop They need an accountant, and Elisabeth has a reputation of being good with numbers Elisabeth jumps at the chance, thrilled that the job also includes working with Aaron, an Amish man with Title AN HONEST LOVEAuthor Kathleen F

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