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The Sabbides Secret Baby Naive Phoebe Brown Fell For Mediterranean Magnate Jed Sabbides After He Wined, Dined And Bedded Her With A Fervor That Made Her Feel Cherished But When Phoebe Happily Announced She Was Pregnant, Jed Was Appalled Didn T She Understand She Was Only A Pleasing Distraction Sadly Phoebe Lost The Man She Loved, And Her BabySo It Is With Disbelief That, Years Later, Jed Discovers Phoebe Has A Little Boywho Looks Just Like Him

About the Author: Jacqueline Baird

Jacqueline Baird was born on the 1st of April at home in a small village Northumbria, England, UK, where she raised She went to the local village school, and later an all girls grammar school where she passed the University of Oxford General Certificate of Education in various subjects On leaving school she joined the civil service in the then Post Office department.She met her husband Jim, when she was only eighteen Eight years later, after working as a hotel receptionist in a five star hotel in Scotland and traveling abroad for a few years, she came home and married him They still live in Northumbria and have two grown sons.Her number one love is writing She has always been an avid reader, and she had her first success as a writer at the age of eleven, when she won the first prize in the Nature Diary of the Year competition at school But she always felt a little guilty because her diary wasfiction than fact Apart from a spell as a hopeful painter in oils, when she actually did have a painting accepted for the Federation of Northern Artists annual exhibition her real passion was for romance novels When her sons went to school all day she thought she would try writing one Jacqueline Baird s been writing for Mills Boon since 1988, and she still gets a thrill every time a new book is published.When Jacqueline is not busy writing she likes to spend her time traveling, reading and playing cards She was a keen sailor until a knee injury ended her sailing days, but she still enjoys swimming in the sea She visits a gym twice a week now and has made the surprising discovery that she gets some good ideas while doing the mind numbingly boring exercises on the cycling and weight machines.

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    Ugh SPOILERS.I love, as in love to hate, the I m a mistress but didn t know it trope It s so deliciously awful, anachronistic and un PC Everything we love in HarleyLand However.however, here we have an unapologetic ass hat and a spineless doormat on our hands I m cranky so the gloves are off.The h and H are having an affair when she gets pregnant Surprisingly enough it is not because she had the flu, a stomach bug or a broken condom S

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    A star two hero and four star heroine make a three star review How s that for English major math I found the hero to be a bit too cold for my liking The knowing grins and hints of amusement in his eyes as the heroine worked through her feelings really bothered me.I really liked the heroine I liked that she took all of her mistress jewelry and bought a house with it I liked that she got different training so she could have the time to raise h

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    Edit written 04 30 20 after my eighth time reading this book Yes, I know Eight times is a bit excessive Through the years this book draws me but then on rereads I struggle to figure out why In my eight read thrus I have gone from three stars to four stars down to two and a half stars then back up to three then four Crazy huh Maybe it s a book I love to hate but I do struggle with such cruel heroes who refuse to understand how things went down, espe

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    He loves her SOOOOOO much Always loved her Never stopped loving her.Yet1 He NEVER looked for her.2 He was REALLY interested once he knew about the kid3 He kept his dick in shape by sticking in other vaginas, while she stayed pure as driven snow, so she isn t later disappointed I mean he needed to keep practising to make it perfect for her.Ummmnope Gag Whatever it is It s not romance and definitely not redeemable

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    I do really enjoy this author s work I particularly like that the heroines are strong women with careers and can make the right decisions irregardless of their feelings for the heroes Phoebe and Jed have a passionate history, but everything went awry 5 years ago They accidentally meet again at a Ball and Jed realizes how much he missed Phoebe and wants her back in his life However, Phoebe has some BIG secrets to keep from Jed I liked how these two worked their w

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is a sugary sweet, secret baby, reunion second chance story flavored with a nice dose of angst at the beginning and OW manipulations To elaborate hot, rich, tall dark and handsome stud with flashy car and bottomless bank account falls for pale haired, strong Mary Sue but is too manly to admit it to himself She gets preggo and he busts a vessel and has a fit She thinks he wants her to g

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    3.5 stars I m a sucker for the mistress who thinks she s a gf plot H was pretty cruel at times and didn t blame h for not trusting him I saw other reviews that saw her as bitchy, but I think she was just protecting herself After that scene in the beginning and his seeming abandonment, it seemed only natural to be on guard and defensive He hurt her terribly, he deserved to be distrusted and get taken down a few notches.There s a good amount of angst and a interesting twist on

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    Just read this once twice.Jacqueline Baird is a new to me HP author and I LOVE her I wishHP authors would follow her lead and make a really satisfying resolution after all the angst and misunderstandings She does a superb job with the resolution chapter and the epilogue We get an emotional grovel from the hero which is believable and satisfying Yipppppeeeeeee Can t wait to readof her books Even though my eyes are popping out from reading about 2 dozen HP novels in the last week Just

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    The story begins with the heroine Phoebe eagerly waiting for the hero Jed to return after his recent business trip Phoebe has just discovered she is pregnant and although it wasn t planned she is really happy about it However Jed s reaction is far from pleased, and Phoebe is left heart broken when their relationship crumbles and she miscarries Five years later Jed is surprised to see Phoebe again at function, she is looking well and he wants to talk to her But her skittishness around him a

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    Pretty decent story The secret baby theme had a slightly different take here One of the things I liked is that when the hero finds out he doesn t immediately tell her that she has to marry him or he will take the boy away He acknowledges that it is unlikely that the courts will give him custody even though he is much richer than the heroine One of the things that annoyed me is that it took him so long to realize that he loved her He kept telling himself that he wanted his son and was going Pretty

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