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Yuletide Cowboy After three years in Mule Hollow s women s shelter, single mother Lynn Perry is finally spending the holidays in her own house And then the town s matchmakers send over a hunky cowboy to hang Christmas lights Lynn hopes there s no mistletoe around With her painful past, how can she trust another man Especially former bull rider and current pastor Chance Turner, who isn t planning on sticking around or ever preaching again Unless Lynn, twin boys and the matchmakers help her yuletide cowboy see he s the answer to a family s and a town s Christmas prayers

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    This was a nice Christmas read.Chance Turner is a rodeo preacher who s faith is shaken when a young bull rider dies unsaved.Lynn Perry is a survivor of an abusive situation along with her twin boys, Jack and Gavin.They are trying to move on and grow stronger but eventually they are drawn together and the struggles could bring them closer or end everything before

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    This is Chance s story Chance is back in Mule Hollow grieving over a bull rider who died, but not before Chance could convince him that faith in Jesus is the best choice in life Chance thought he had failed as a pastor, and so came home to figure out what God was wanting him to do Lynn and her twin sons came to Mule Hollow with the other women at the Women s Shel

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    Sweet Talk Me, Cowboy is the fourth book in the Turner Creek Ranch series After losing a bull rider on the circuit, Chance is questioning his ability to continue working as the circuit s pastor Lynn was able to get a rental for her and the twins she s ready for a new start and to be out of the shelter Starting over doesn t include having any men in her life So whe

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    Chancer Turner has come home to Mule Hollow to heal from the devastating shock of one of the rodeo riders that he was ministering to He thinks he will find solitude in the land he loves but God has other plans Lynn Perry and her adorable 4 year old twin boys need help and Chance is just the man to do it With his pastor s heart, he just can t ignore the sweet but wa

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    Such a delightful story It was fun seeing the blossoming love between Lynn and Chance And who can resist her twin sons Gavin and Jack The subject matter of domestic abuse was handled very thoughtfully It s always fun to return to the Mule Hollow community So many laughs in this book and much to think about Highly recommend reading it.

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    This was a really good book I love that Debra writes clean romances and they are always so good Debra hit a grand slam with this book

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    I just love to visit Mule Hollow.This book continues with the crazy town Chance Turner is staying in the Stagehouse on their families property He travels as a Rodeo Preacher but after the death of one of the bull riders he questions his abilities.Lynn Perry has her two 4 almost 5 year olds to raise and has recently moved from No Place Like Home to her own rental house

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    Miniseries Men of Mule Hollow A delightful story about a woman, Lynn Perry and her four year old twin boys starting fresh from an abusive relationship and a ex bull rider rodeo preacher, Chance Turner Both have a past that they are trying to put behind them and maybe they can help each other But watch out for the town s matchmakers even his own cousins from a review po

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    Amazing Christmas romance novel in small town Texas Real life challenges involving Christian faith, healing, honesty, kindness, love, and character strength to help one get through the decisions when unsure of the answers About being independent and belonging to family and within small town community Enjoyed the humour and serious matters in the wonderful love story Awe

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    Chance is a Cowboy Preacher who can t forgive himself after the death of a bull rider he had hoped to bring to the Lord Lynn was an abused mom with two young boys who vowed never to risk loving again because her judgement in men is so bad Will Chance go back to preaching Will Lynn give Chance a chance sorry, I couldn t resist Mule hollow is a great little town You should

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