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The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality A former radical feminist speaks to the heart and mind of every married woman who seeks to be godly Moving beyond feminism back to reality, this book is an affirmation of biblical womanhood

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    I have to give this better than one star because Pride framed her argument in a way that made sense and helped me with my undergrad capstone paper That said, she certainly did little to sway my perspectives on feminism Using sarcastic and condescending tones along with alarmist language and flawed science does little to edu

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    I read this book for novel research I want to give it five stars, because I found it so utterly hilarious But it s a self help book, and meant to be serious.

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    I first read this book as a new mother While some of the information was already outdated Biblical feminists becamenuanced over time I think , it was a book that transformed my thinking Pride did an incredible job showing the link between the value our society puts on a women s role being distinct from a man s and yet valuabl

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    I m not sure I ever read a book that made me so angry I agreed with her a littletoward the end, but I was so used to disagreeing that I wondered if I needed re evaluate my opinions It s very outdated, which is a big part of the problem Things have changed a lot in the 25 years since the book was written.

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    After reading The Way Home by Mary Pride, I had to read Monsignor Quixote as a stress reliever It s not a book that I would read if I had a choice, but my aunt did ask me to read it The premise of the book is basically against feminism and pro home working Author s word.There are good points in the book, but sadly, they all app

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    I read this book as research for my dissertation There is so much wrong with this book, but let me just say that the writing tone is sarcastic and better than thou I grew up with a lot of these concepts and am so glad to have found a way to see myself as a worthy individual This book did clarify what the thinking is of the far r

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    This book by nature is politically divisive.My wife I read re read this book when it first came out We valued the insight into the shocking way feminism had stripped families of their dignity.Now, we see things differently My body is not my own Hey Sheesh This book will fuel the beliefs of conservatives fundamentals, and cause mu

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    This Book was given to me many years ago as a gift butof a nudge to choose a different path and be someone different that the perception of the gifter Lots of life has been lived since that first read A recent dinner conversation has me thinking about that time, and this book I re ordered it the original gift, long gone and plan t

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    This book is a book for women, teaching about how we are supposed to live as Christian women, based on the Bible I found it really interesting to read, and it made me think about some things I d never really thought about before, such as abortion It is a really good book for women, young and old alike.

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    This book was life changing for me Powerful Rings of truth Mary Pride said aloud so many things I had been thinking for years, and a lot of things I hadn t thought of, but should and now do Great read for new homeschoolers and for young women contemplating careers vs rearing their own children.

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