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Funky Business: Talent Makes Capital Dance Karl Marx was right The workers do control the means of productionkilograms of brain holds the key to all our futuresSuccessful companies are different from the competition, and difference comes from the way people think rather than what companies make In the new world, it s talent that makes the capital dance Business as usual is uninspired and that s no longer good enough talent doesn t want to work there customers don t want to buy there In these times we need Funky Business

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    If you are a younger reader, you might hardly understand why this book was so popular back in the day Here are some examples for you which might correlate to possible experiences for you today and in the future The authors are as excited as you will be when

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    This book is not taking any step forward from the line of management and business books promoted in US For me it just another one from the series of Alvin Tofler, Stephen Covey, Denis Rivers and others It is just a mix of known facts, but presented systemica

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    Left this one somewhere halfway through and am not planning on going back Either it was my translation, or

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    I may be a bit too hush but the book is, in many ways, like reading one of those believe in yourself cheap psychology s pop economics Nevertheless it makes some valid points, though do not expect an eye opener.The problem for me, maybe was that I expe

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    Started it, didn t finish it couldn t get into it.

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    This book is about the future of business The book was written in 2002 so is a little outdated however the principles in the book still apply to the real world today If you have limited knowledge about how business is changing and transforming into the future th

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    OUTDATED AND BIASED, don t waste your timeNot thought provoking at all There is no thought.A lot of provocative name dropping for the sake of name dropping, very funky way of telling History.On the back cover of the book FB is rigourously researched Business voic

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    This is the best book I read in 2007 hugley inspirational and a pleasure to read.

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    I saw Nordstrom speak at a conference very insightful Everyone needs to create temporary monopolies.

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    It s a great book for entrepreneurs, but you must consider the context it was written at before the whole dot com boom , so it s outdated but the core idea is valid and enthusiastic.

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