My Family and Other Strangers: Adventures in Family

My Family and Other Strangers: Adventures in Family History When Jeremy Hardy decided to explore his ancestry it was, in part, to get to the bottom of his grandmother Rebecca s dubious claims that the family descended from a certain th century architect and that, recently, Jeremy s great grandfather was a Royal bodyguard Other legends ranged from the great aunt who ran illegal hooch during Prohibition to the wronged Victorian servant girl who bore an illegitimate Hardy, not forgetting the family s rightful claim to a large country estateWild stories aside, Jeremy sets out to such diverse locations as the Croydon one way system and the hostile waters around Malta in order to find traces of recognisable family traits and a sense of how he came to be With wry humour and a keen eye for the absurd and the frustrating, Jeremy takes us on a by turns funny and moving journey into the world of family ancestry My Family and Other Strangers will be enjoyed by anyone who has tried to decipher thecensus records, or simply wishes they too had asked their grandparents about their lives

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    I admit, when I pulled this book out from my TBR pile I wondered Now why exactly did I buy this Not that I don t like Jeremy Hardy, but he s not on the list of people I find so amazing that I think I need to own read listen to everything by them and I also was never that interested genealogy Still, I decided that no

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    Hardy shows that family history research is not like it is on the telly When the BBC film some celebrity learning about their ancestors, all the research has been done beforehand by various archives and local studies staff repeatedly contacted by harangued researchers Plus they only ever make programmes about celebs with

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    I didn t dislike this book it s just hard to get really involved in someone else s genealogy If you like Jeremy Hardy or British genealogy, you ll be fine I had barely heard of him, except via Craig Ferguson, but he is a funny guy I follow him on Twitter He supports some great causes But when I went to look for the book, I coul

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    This is a slightly strange book Only for fans of Jeremy Hardy, and possibly genealogy fans It has the flavour of a book to order where his heart isn t fully into it, there are many visits to historical family locations where he arrives unprepared, and visits to museums that are closed, and a few comments where he says he doesn t know

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    Jeremy Hardy is one of my favourite comedians, sadly though I found this book long and dreary Yes it did have flashes of his comic genius, but there were long passages of uninteresting turgid writing I am afraid I gave up half way through chapter 6 I think the problem with the book is that Jeremy tries to be his funny self and to write int

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    I like Jeremy Hardy a lot I go and see him whenever he comes to Sheffield even when he stays in his dressing room Reference to gig when the audience waited increasingly impatiently for half and hour while he waited patiently for a call to come to the stage Misunderstanding, and quickly forgotten once he got into his stride I listen to him on the

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    This is something of a stream of consciousness, with a whiff of I ve been told to write this book so I d better get something down However, I enjoy Jeremy Hardy and the book was very much him , very wry.

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    Comedian Jeremy Hardy traces his family tree and clears up some family myths Touching and funny.

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    Having seen the late Jeremy Hardy in concert at my local theatre some years ago, I picked up the book as I found his raconteur style to story telling engaging and humorous I was not disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed the book and his eloquent and articulate prose was a joy Highly recommended

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    Jeremy Hardy casts about for the roots of his family, allowing readers to enjoy his ordeals An entertaining read.Full revised review here Jeremy Hardy casts about for the roots of his family, allowing readers to enjoy his ordeals An entertaining read.Full revised review here

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