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The Drifter Smooth Operators Charlie Templeton Is A Certified Wanderer In His Career As An Adventure Journalist, He S Crossed Every Continent, Climbed The Highest Mountainsand Dated Some Of The Hottest Women And He S Done It All Without A Trace Of Fear.But One Thing Scares Him The Chance That He S Permanently Lost The Woman He Loved, The Woman He Left So He S Going Home And Eve Keller Better Be Ready For Him.Eve S Ready, All Right Ready To Follow In Charlie S Bootsteps She S Tried Settling Down Now She Wants To Experience Everything Travel, Adventuregreat Sex.And Charlie S Than Willing To Help Her Out After All, Everybody Knows The Best Adventures Start In The Bedroom. Okay book. Charlie Templeton suddenly shows up in Eve Keller s restaurant after 5 years, claiming he s had a realization while completing climbing his 7th summit climb that he s meant to be with her From having a father who cheats on her mother, and a mother who allows her father to cheat, and her own divorce from her cheating husband, Eve doesn t believe that men can change What s to keep Charlie in her life now She s finally realized that Charlie just isn t a man who settles down He s always searching for the next adventure.Although Charlie isn t sure where a relationship between him and Eve would end, he at least wants to give it a try They know from last time and now that they have explosive bedroom chemistry, but he s determined to learn about the other chemistry they have But Charlie is learning just how much Eve s life has hardened her to believin What a great story the characters are just too sweet and vulnerable, and yet have so many emotional hurdles to jump It makes the ending that much sweeterCan t wait for the next book in this series.

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