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Accidentally Expecting! On a trip to Italy Ferne Edmunds is dazzled by lighthearted charmer Dante Rinucci What she doesn t realize is that it s easy for Dante to live for the moment when every day could be his lastBut when Ferne discovers she s accidentally pregnant, Dante s chance to be called Daddy gives him a reason to fight This baby could save Dante s lifeTear jerking and touching, this is an emotional story that lingers long after the last page

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    Somehow although this had all the elements to be angsty, it missed the mark I think because while we know that the hero has a life threatening condition we are never in his POV and he is hiding his illness from the heroine so angsty moments are just not there Title and back blurb are a bit misleading since the accidental pregnancy doesn t happen until the very end of the book.

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    Le do el 06 07 2010

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    This isof a mini novel than your typical HP Cool Not what I was expecting and NOT your traditional light HP.Jeez, another HP where pregnancy is in the TITLE but the pregnancy, literally, comes in the last pages of the book The ending was also kinda weird, a reserved kind of happy that hadto do with Dante s illness than anythingexcept, Ferne s reaction to the baby that SHE wanted seemed a

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    Did not like it Too angsty but not in an enjoyable way, it was annoying honestly P.

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    Not very believable.

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    I enjoyed the book

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    When you pick up a Harlequin, one normally thinks Fast paced, fast read with a sweet message A great short story This one blew me out of the water Lucy Gordon brings together a dying man and an emotionally scarred woman and breathes life back into them both through laughter, danger, long hours of teasing, and finally, confrontation This accidental pregnancy isn t even hinted at until the very end, but it

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    I had a number of issues with this book The heroine doesn t realise she s pregnant until the last quarter of the book The title is very misleading The writing is stilted I didn t feel like I was reading a contemporary novel published in 2009 but rather a historical book The heroine and hero had little chemistry and the introduction of the hero s health issue and it s resolution were not engaging The ending a

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    2 stars HR 4151

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About the Author: Lucy Gordon

Christine Sparks was born in England, UK She wanted to be a writer all her life, and began by working on a British women s magazine As a features writer, she gained a wide variety of experience She interviewed some of the world s most attractive and interesting men, including Warren Beatty, Richard Chamberlain, Charlton Heston, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Alec Guiness.Single life was so enjoyable that she put marriage, and even romance, on the back burner, while she went about the world having a great time Then, while on vacation in Venice, she met a tall, dark handsome Venetian artist, who changed all her ideas in a moment, and proposed on the second day Three months later they were married Her friends said a whirlwind romance would never last, but they celebrated their 25 anniversary, they are still married, still happy and in love.After 13 years on the magazine Christine decided that it was now or never if she was ever going to write that novel So she wrote Legacy of Fire which became a Silhouette Special Edition, followed by another, Enchantment in Venice Then she did something crazy gave up her job Since then she has concentrated entirely on writing romances for Mills Boon, Harlequin and Silhouette and has written over 75 books Her settings have been European and her heroes mainly English or Italian Christine now claims to be an expert on one particular subject Italian men are the most romantic in the world They are also the best cooks.A few years ago she and her husband returned to Venice and lived there for a couple of years This proved the perfect base for exploring the rest of Italy, and she has given many of her books Italian settings Venice of course , Rome, Florence, Milan, Sicily, Tuscany She has also used the Rhine in Germany for Song of the Lorelei, for which she won her first RITA Award, in 1991 Her second RITA came in 1998, with His Brother s Child, set in Rome.Eventually Christine Fiorotto and her husband returned to England, where they now live She write and he paints, they have no children, but have a cat and a dog.

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