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The Greek Millionaire's Mistress (Harlequin Presents) Gina Hudson Is In Athens To Settle An Oldscore, Not Fall Into Bed With Her Enemy Sright Hand Man But She S Underestimated Thepower Of Mikos Christopoulos.No Strings Sex Is What Mikos Expects Butsoon His Mission Becomes , And Hewhisks Gina Away To His Island Retreat Hethinks She Is A Perfect Part Time Mistress Until He Starts To Want This Woman For Therest Of His Life.

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    Gina tidak mengharapkan kedatangannya di Yunani berakhir dgn skandal Dia tidak menyangka akan bertemu Mikos, pria Yunani tampan, tangan kanan Angelo, miliarder tua yg Gina curigai adalah kakek kandungnya Mikos menyelidiki diam diam latar belakang Gina dan mendapati bhw wanita ini sukses

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    I really liked this one I thought the chemistry sizzled from the onset and I honestly did think at one point whilst reading a scene set in the beautiful Greek islands sounds like a slice of heaven The heroine and hero are both strong, both fiercely loyal to their...

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    Emotional romance

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    2.5 Dull, but picked up in the final quarter.

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    Review by Jen Mikos is the right hand man to a powerful business man He s working security at his boss s birthday party when he sets his eyes on Gina He suspects she s up to something, but soon sets his suspicions aside to have an affair with her Little does he know that she has a big secret that could blow his world apart.I

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    He is right hand man of the man she is trying to get in touch with Gina Hudson is in Athens to settle an old score, not fall into bed with her enemy s right hand man But she s underestimated the power of Mikos Christ...

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    I found this novel rather dull when I read it I expected action but all I ended up feeling was sorry for the heroine She went from taking care of her mother, to getting pregnant.

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