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Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife (Innocent Wives #3) Hard Hearted Magnate Dario Parisi Will Reclaim His Stolen Birthright Even If It Means Forcing The Granddaughter Of His Family S Sworn Enemy To Marry Him.Alissa Scott Is Certainly Not The Biddable Wife Dario Wanted Yet He S Consumed By Red Hot Desire For His Unwilling Bride So When She Tries To Change The Rules, He Demands She Honor All Her Vows Finally He Has Exactly The Kind Of Wife He Wanted A Virgin Bride

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    If I could give zero stars this would get Zero Fucking Stars.There s going to be a lot of cursing and spoilers Beware.This book right here is everything I fucking hate about Presents and muchI mostly skimmed the entire thing Within the first few pages I hated the hero Dario Parisi I wanted to commit violence unto him Alissa Scott I didn t have as much of a problem with ...

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    The hero is a real oinker until Chapter 10, maybe 11 The typical cruel, OTT monologuing about what worthless, gold digging slut blah, blah the h is I would consign it to the outer rims of Harlequin hell with a negative billion, but for one thing When Signore Fathead wakes to the fact he s married to Sister Teresa instead of Chesty La Rue, he goes into one of the best hero declin

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    Dario and Alissa have both suffered in their lives Dario lost all the family he ever had, and vowed to get back his family s property, which was swindled away from his family His complete focus was on becoming a powerful, rich man who no one crossed, living up to the Parisi name Alissa strived to be dependent to no man, and to see that her younger sister was happy and well These

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    Ah, a lovely old school vibe really made this an enjoyable read The Sicilian H forces the h to marry him after running off the gay friend she was going to marry in order to fulfill the terms of her abusive grandfather s will The H wants the castle in Sicily she will inherit it was his family s for generations until the grandfather stole it and she wants cash for her sister s liver

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    I decided to give this a try even though I am not a fan of this author and I am so glad I did What an amazing story I adored Dario and Alissa Dario was an alpha hero all the way, ruthless and harsh but still vulnerable They don t make them like this any He was cruel with Alissa at first but I liked how hurt and insecure he felt when she left him and how he renounced the birthright

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    I read ALL my friend s reviews, and then I read the following review i compare the reviews, they are saying the EXACT same thing, but I believe Alicia s analysisSo this is going to be on avoid pile I really do love my sanitythan anything else.

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    Several tried and true tropes done well A stipulation in the will of Alissa s evil Sicilian grandfather means she will not inherit his estate in Sicily unless she married within a certain amount of time and remain married for six months The twist is, she doesn t care about the estate After her grandfather s abuse she has no intention of putting herself under the power of a man Then h

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    I really enjoyed reading this bookAnnie West is one of my favorite HP authors because she genuinely writes some spectacular female heroines Heroines who are ready and capable of taking on the world and their men This story is another forced marriage plot Yet the author makes it fresh, exciting with unexpected twists and turns I also like that she leads you through their dance of getti

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    Intense emotions, fiery passions, and ardent chemistry virgin heroine, dark alpha herothis one s surely a favourite.Dario vowed to get back what was his, even if that meant marrying his enemy.His family died, because of the Mangano family, and ever since revenge and hate was in his blood.Alissa, vowed never to marry the man, whom she thought was as controlling as her grandfather.Alissa

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    I liked this one the whole There was plenty of hard headed hero asshatery Plenty of the heroine keeping secrets A nice blackmailed into marriage plot Oh if only those old men wouldn t feud about possession of an old castle vineyard island whatever so that the young uns didn t have to marry up to get them back in the right familyThis might have been a 4 star read but I felt the misunders

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