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The Earl and the Governess I enjoyed reading Will and Isabelle s story She was just so endearing and he was the most absolute darling I just adored seeing him trying to resist her and then giving up and going for broke Mary was a delightful character too I just found the whole plot well constructed and wel Hmmm, where to begin with William and Isabelle To be honest I almost didn t pick it up because of the hero s name, sore spot The story started much like you would come to expect He sees her on the street and decides that he can be of use to the beautiful and helpless creature standing in the middle of such a dangerous neighborhood.I didn t love that she was so unable to do anything for herself, and found myself thinking that everything bad that happened to her was for a reason Words Isabelle tells William at the end of the book I laughed out loud at that Overall it wasn t a bad read, I found myself really enjoying it towards the end when they went to the cottage in the country I find I grow tired of stories that center around London and the ridiculousness that was society at that time But at the same time I love it and find myself drawn over and over again to stories that center around a PDF Epub The Earl And The Governess Author Sarah Elliott Jwdfitness.co.uk Innocent Governess, Forbidden LiaisonImpoverished, Alone And On The Run, Isabelle Thomas Needs Help So When William Stanton, Earl Of Lennox, Offers Her A Job As Governess To His Ward, She Can T Refuse.But Isabelle Soon Discovers That Working For Tall, Broad Shouldered William, With His Disheveled Hair And Intense Green Eyes, Is Of A Challenge Than She Expected When The Attraction Between Them Culminates In A Bone Melting Kiss, Isabelle Knows She Must Leave Only, The Earl Has Other Plans For His Innocent Governess There are elements common to many romance novels but what makes this one different is that it doesn t focus on the events of the season although William does attend a ball or two Isabelle is not a person of title nor is she related to someone, she is part of the merchant class her father was an Antiques Dealer I liked the fact that William and Isabelle had similar elements of life and character that allowed them to relate to each other on a level they might not have otherwise It also allowed Mary to feel she had a confidante and someone who cared because Isabelle was willing to listen Due to several twists of fate or coincidences the three main characters are able to find h To start off, let me just say that I consider myself a pretty cynical historical romance reader I have read hundreds, possibly thousands of books in this genre, and I expect a lot from these books, even if many consider them fluff I adored this story very much and loved both characters At some moments, I fe Pretty Isabelle was alone in the world, without money and facing blackmail Inexperienced at being a governess, she nevertheless accepts said position to care for Mary, William s ward As the couple fight their natural attraction for each other actually, Isabelle so than William , a jealous matchmaking mamma spreads rumors of their alleged affair From there, scandal breaks out, and Isabelle tries to deal with the fallout and s I liked this book but it didn t quite grip or click with me I enjoyed reading it but something seemed a little off and I wasn t totally into it I liked the characters and emotions There were two good scenes that stood out that I really liked and those were the epilogue and the last park scene with the girls I loved Mary and liked watching her innocence as well as her perceptiveness This would be good for passing the time and nothing else interesting to read but not really a go to for Isabelle Thomas and William Stanton, Earl of Lennox Will rescues Isabelle on the street from a man who is blackmailing her for money Her father had sold him fake statues for very high prices and has died so he is collecting the money back from her Will hires her to be his govern 3.5 starsThis is a Mills Boon Harlequin Historical from 2009 that has been sitting on the PPB Pile of Paperbacks by the Bed for a while, and which seemed a good choice for this month s TBR Challenge, which is to read a short story, novella or category romance.I ve got a bit of a soft spot for that whole Cinderella thing, and with a title like that, I knew exactly what I d be getting But in spite of the predictability of the story, the book is lifted into the above average range by writing, the way the relationship develops between the eponymous characters and the fact that Ms Elliott puts a slightly different spin on the heroine s story.Travelling home from somewhere William Stanton, Earl of Lennox is annoyed when his carriage is held up by an overturned vegetable cart somewhere in a less salubrious area of London Annoyance turns to irritation and disbelief when he sees a shabbily dressed, passably pretty young woman walking unaccompanied through the streets, and knowing how vulnerable she must be, he immediately offers her his assistance On her way to visit a pawnbroker s, Isabelle Thomas is mortified at the prospect of such a handsome and obviously wealthy gentleman finding ou Regency.Good read.Isabelle is hanging on by a thin thread and could really use some help but she is alone in the world In a moment of distraction, her last means of support is almost stolen from her but luckily, William Stanton saves her not only from the theif but days later when he offers her a job as governess to his ward Finally, she has a slim ray of hope To bad she doesn t confess all her worries to the Earl but in truth, the feelings he inspires scare her almost as much as her blackmailer does She knows it would be impossible for a marriage between them She is way below him on the social ladder But working for him and living in the same household soon becomes to much temptation She must leave but William has different plans He isn t about to give the delectable Miss Thomas up, especially not after th

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