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The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress One Night, One Bedone Baby When Chauffeur Keira Ryan Accidentally Drives Her Car Into A Snowdrift, She And Her Devastatingly Attractive Passenger Must Find A Hotel Only To Discover They Ll Be Sharing A Bed Luckily, Billionaire Matteo Valenti Takes It Upon Himself To Show Virgin Keira Just How To Make The Most Of A Bad Situation With The Most Sizzling Experience Of Her LifeIt S Nearly Christmas Again Before Matteo Uncovers Keira S Secret He May Have Resisted Commitment His Whole Life, But Now It S Time To Claim His Son And Heir

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    A typical HP in that the Heroine has no backbone around the Hero, and he is the wrong end of a dog with diarrhea Just saying..sometimes though you have to read that kinda stuff to remind yourself that guys are sometimes not good for you no matter how great the orgasm I finished the read so it was okay, but sometimes I do get tired of the regular

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    I usually love the Pygmalion or Makeover theme, but Riccardo is kind of an a hat in this one, breaking it off too many times, changing the understanding of their relationship working or otherwise too many times Alternating between cavalier, snarky, possessive, patronizing, to downright cruel at times Angie is also suppose to have ESP with regards

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here First, the blurb has nothing to do with this book.I picked this up from a book exchange at my doctor s office and I wish I hadn t It was really, really frustrating for me that someone who was supposedly so intelligent as Angie was had no backbone Seriously And for Ricc

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    La hero na cay demasiado r pido por su jefe Personalmente para m la historia estuvo bien, pero pasa sin penas ni gloria.

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    Ricardo, atasan Angie, memberikan sebuah gaun merah untuk Angie gunakan di malam Natal Dalam sekejap Angie berubah dari sekretaris membosankan menjadi wanita tercantik di mata Ricardo Gaun merah yang memperlihatkan belahan dada Angie membuat Ricardo ingin memiliki Angie Ketika Angie minum terlalu banyak malam itu, Ricardo mengantar Angie pulang dan

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    The Italian Billionaire s Secretary Mistress was both explosive and a sensual journey with one determined and demanding Italian boss which takes alpha to a new level For some this book might seem offensive because Riccardo Castellari was blunt, had his own set of opinions, determined and demanding with his secretary Angie In the beginning his demeano

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    This is my first time reading a harlequin that was dated so far back I picked up this copy today at the thrift shop thinking it will be the regular standard billionaire harlequin presents book I was hoping for but my, oh mytimes have definitely changed Not saying that back then in 2010 when this book was publishing was a bad thing It was great to read

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    The hero, hah, is a complete and total cruel bully Any woman, fictional or otherwise that falls for him is either an idiot or a masochist or both.Not enough groveling to redeem him.His brother s a jackass too, no surprise there.

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    Blurbnya cukup membuat aku tertarik, kisah seorang sekretaris dengan gaya kuno dengan Bos yang tak pernah kesulitan menemukan kekasih Akibat gaun yang diberikan si bos, semuanya menjadi berubah.Udah ketebak dong ya alurnya bakal seperti apa Tapi, kedua tokohnya yaitu Angie dan Riccardo sama sama bikin jengkel, yang satu arogan minta disleding yang satu

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    1 Did I liked the resolution Cliche2 Had a good plot twist Which one 3 Where Characters personalities relevant Noup, they weconscious than usual but still not enough.4 Did it had Intelligent dialogue Mej 5 Did the Story had coherence It was all over the place.6 Would I read it again No.7.Did you skips over at some point Yes8 Did you consider DNF Yes9.If

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