Sushi and Beyond: One Family's Remarkable Journey Through

Sushi and Beyond: One Family's Remarkable Journey Through the Greatest Food Nation on Earth Japan is the pre eminent food nation on earth The Japanese go to the most extraordinary lengths and expense to eat the finest, most delectable, and downright freakiest food imaginable Their creativity, dedication and ingenuity, not to mention courage in the face of dishes such as cod sperm, whale penis and octopus ice cream, is only now beginning to be fully appreciated in the sushi saturated West, as are the remarkable health benefits of the traditional Japanese dietInspired by Shizuo Tsuji s classic book, Japanese Cooking, A Simple Art, food and travel writer Michael Booth sets off to take the culinary pulse of contemporary Japan, learning fascinating tips and recipes that few westerners have been privy to before Accompanied by with two fussy eaters under the age of six, he and his wife travel the length of the country, from bear infested, beer loving Hokkaido to snake infested, seaweed loving Okinawa Along the way, they dine with and score a surprising victory over sumos meet the indigenous Ainu drink coffee at the dog caf pamper the world s most expensive cows with massage and beer discover the secret of the Okinawan people s remarkable longevity share a seaside lunch with free diving, female abalone hunters and meet the greatest chefs working in Japan today Less happily, they trash a Zen garden, witness a mass fugu slaughter, are traumatised by an encounter with giant crabs, and attempt a calamitous cooking demonstration for the lunching ladies of Kyoto They also ask, Who are you to the most famous TV stars in JapanWhat do the Japanese know about food Perhaps than anyone on else on earth, judging by this fascinating and funny journey through an extraordinary food obsessed country

About the Author: Michael Booth

Michael Booth is an English food and travel writer and journalist who writes regularly for a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Independent on Sunday, Cond Nast Traveller, Monocle and Time Out, among many other publications at home and abroad He has a wife, Lissen, and two children, Asger and Emil.In June 2010 Michael Booth won the Guild of Food Writers Kate Whiteman Award for work in food and travel.

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    When I first saw the description of this book, I got really excited I lived in Japan for over three years, and I was eager to read about how another foreigner found the food of Japan which is about so muchthan sushi I also wanted to read about Michael Booth s experience traveling with kids, as we have taken our four kids to Japan a few years ago Although I would say I am very w

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    Fantastic voyage through Japan and it s cooking landscape It shows you how little we know about real Japan cooking.

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    There s something so soothing about reading a foodie book when the general vibe in the air is anxiety or contention I cannot wait until this election is over Until then I ll be touring Japanese cuisine with this family.

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    This book gives a good overview of the various food cultures and regions of Japan, going much deeper than most occasional visitors can obtain This is a combination of Michael Booth moving his family to the country for several months but also some very good fixers nailing down really big interviews and meals It s almost unreal, from sumo kitchen to the current food culture war to a meal at Mibu Actuall

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    I ve been a fan of Michael Booth s writing for a while, as well as Ralph Lister s narration, so had high expectations here, which weren t disappointed On occasion, things stray towards, if not into, the weeds on the foodie front, but nothing to cause one s ears to glaze over His self deprecating humor reminds me of American writer Eric Weiner The Geography of Bliss , with a dash of Tim Moore Lister s narratio

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    Books 217 2016 I received a digital copy of this from Netgalley and publisher Picador in exchange for an honest review 3,8 of 5 stars I am really excited and also feel relieved when i finished read this books This is such a comprehensive books about Japan Culinary At first, i thought read specific Japan Culinary such as Sushi and Ramen but i m wrong since it is far away from those foods It really broaden my knowledge

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    Wasabi and miso and bearsoh my.Michael Booth had me personally with sushi and ramen, but if he wants to throw in all of Japanese culture in this fun and fascinating culinary journey, then I was happy to be along for the ride.Fair warning as you read You Will Want Food.Booth travels the length and breadth of Japan with his wife and two small children, exploring its food, people, and natural beauty Along the way, we meet Miche

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    I need a new shelf called Books about Japan that annoy me First, is there an editor in the house Shizuoka is spelled Shizvoka just two lines below the correct spelling , his friend s name is the phonetically impossible Katsotoshi, and the sumo wrestler Balto changes from Estonian to Latvian halfway through the book Second, a number of facts are just wrong like the one that Japan imports most of its rice from the US Finally, the bumb

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    There is something truly special about reading books on one of your favourite topics Something comfortable I just love finding new tidbits of information and seeing how they connect with everything else that I know about in this case Japan That s probably one of the reasons, why I enjoyed this book immensely.It s focused on the Japanese cuisine there is lots about food, different cooking styles, the whole chains of production , but there is

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    I love this book I ve read it over the past couple of weeks, dipping in and out of it, savouring it.Michael Booth, along with his wife Lissen and their 2 children Asger and Emil, travel around Japan to see why it s the preeminent food nation on earth, along the way they try every food available and see how Japanese food should be prepared, cooked and eaten and see how their diet can be improved by learning from the Japanese.Meeting Sumos, Ninja War

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