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Cecily Brown Known for her lush surfaces, vivid color, and energetic brushwork, Cecily Brown inhabits her torrid, atmospheric paintings with life forms that swim amongst swells of color and gesture Often cast in sensual situations, her figures advance and recede into painterly abstraction With her various references to art history from the seventeenth century French Classicism of Nicolas Poussin to the Baroque flamboyance of Peter Paul Rubens and the living gestures of Willem de Kooning, among other Abstract Expressionists Brown reinvigorates twenty first century painting Working alongside the traditions of the medium, and borrowing freely from them, Brown absorbs formerly male dominated approaches to painting, unapologetically infusing a feminine viewpoint This publication, which accompanies the first one person museum survey of Brown s work in the United States, features three major new essays by Jeff Fleming, Linda Norden and Linda Nochlin, as well as a series of key color reproductions

About the Author: Linda Nochlin

Linda Nochlin was an American art historian, university professor and writer A prominent feminist art historian, she was best known as a proponent of the question Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists , in an essay of the same name published in 1971.Her critical attention has been drawn to investigating the ways in which gender affects the creation and apprehension of art, as evidenced by her 1994 essay Issues of Gender in Cassatt and Eakins Besides feminist art history, she was best known for her work on Realism, specifically on Gustave Courbet Complementing her career as an academic, she served on the Art Advisory Council of the International Foundation for Art Research In 2006, Nochlin received a Visionary Woman Award from Moore College of Art Design.

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    This book was available to me during an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston back in 2006 But I didn t buy a copy until visiting again in 2007 Kinda pricey for the small amou

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