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Would Be Wife by Kasi Blake released on Jul ,is available now for purchase Would-Be Wife

About the Author: Kasi Blake

Born and raised in California, I fell in love with writing while reading The Outsiders Then I fell in love with Stephen King s writing style I enjoy reading many types of books, but YA Paranormal is my favorite I used to write for Harlequin under a different name So that s my background Exciting, no I have several books out now including Vampires Rule, Werewolves Rule, Crushed, Witch Hunt, Bait, and 4 Ever Hunted along with the others in the series.You can find links to all books here on my blog

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    2 1 2 Stars It s been two years since her husband s murder, and now a stranger appears at her door with Jack s face, and no memory of who he is or how he got there Julia s not fooled by this imposter, but she can t ignore the certainty of Jack s mother that she knows her son Thetime she spends with John Smith, theshe finds herself falling in love But danger had followed John to the ranch, and now the assassin is determined to see him dead In order to protect her son, Jack s son 2 1 2 Star

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    Would Be WifeAugust 29, 2002Talented newcomer Kasi Blake makes her Intrigue debut with Would Be Wife Two years after Julia Keller s husband was killed, a stranger with his face and no memory arrives on her Texas ranch As they work together to uncover his identity, it becomes clear someone wants him dead If this is her husband, has she been reunited with him, only to face losing him again I was skeptical about this story at first This is the fifth Intrigue in six months with this premise m Wo

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    I really liked the concept that no one really knew for sure if John Smith was Jack Keller The story was very complex, especially for a Harlequin and kept me guessing up to the end There was a disjointed quality to the flow of events which was a little irritating to me as a reader, but I felt it worked with the idea that none of the characters really knew who John was I did have a problem suspending my disbelief at times For example, when Jack showed up appearing to be a dead guy, neither hi I r

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    Julia Keller s husband, Jack, was shot and killed two years ago Suddenly, there is a man who looks exactly like Jack standing on her doorstep, claiming to have amnesia Julia helps The stranger to recover his memory so that he will know who he really In the process, they find out what really happened two years ago This is Kasi Blake s first novel It drags in places, but has interesting story line and several good scenes.

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