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D.B. Hayes, Detective Risky BusinessSo what if my two biggest clients were a known mobster and a ten year old kid looking for his cat business was business Until Brandon Kirkpatrick walked into my life and made business murder The sexy detective was officially my competition, but when our cases crossed paths both our lives were suddenly dangerously in the red Murder and mayhem were multiplying faster than the stray cats in my apartmentWorking together was going to drive me to distraction, but it was the only way to figure out which one of our clients was telling the truthand how far the other client would go to cover it up

About the Author: Dani Sinclair

Dani Sinclair was a 2008 RITA finalist in the RITA Contemporary Series Romance Suspense Adventure category for her novel Midnight Prince She was RITA finalist for her novel Better Watch Out, won a Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers Choice Award for Best Harlequin Intrigue of 2000 for The Specialist, and was nominated for a Career Achievement award for Series Romantic Suspense Ms Sinclair and her husband reside outside Washington DC where they share their home with four indoor cats, a small feral colony and the varied wildlife that passes through, stopping to feed at their bird feeders on a daily basis They are active volunteers with a local animal rescue group and urge everyone to be responsible pet owners.

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    A tongue in cheek detective story with the female lead,D.B Hayes a very believable, disorganized, just trying to get by character who is forced by circumstances to team up with an ex cop who also happens to be her competition in the privat

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    D.B Hayes the D.B standing for Diana Barbara, although she s mostly known as Dee has a number of problems She s trying to make it as a P.I., but her youth and small stature make it hard for her to get taken seriously, not to mention her kind heart

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    This was surprisingly funny, especially the cat fiasco

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