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Indecent Exposure A blazing satire of South African apartheid, Indecent Exposure is Tom Sharpe s brilliant follow up to his Riotous Assembly Once again the setting is Piemburg, the deceptively peaceful looking capital of Zululand, where Kommandant van Heerden, Konstabel Els, and Luitenant Verkramp continue to terrorize true Englishmen and even truer Zulus in their relentless search for a perfect South Africa

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    Farcical and preposterous Monty Python slapstick, anyone Recall the year 1973 as the heyday of John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and the Pythons There must have been something in the air or water back then since Indecent Exposure, British author Tom Sharpe s second novel set in South Africa featuring a Pythonesque send up of the country s police force, published in

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    This book is the sequel to Riotous Assembly and really keeps up the scathing and farcical attacks on the Apartheid regime It is Tom Sharpe at what i think his most cutting, as through the jokes and ridiculous situations you can his views on such a deplorable system and the society that acted as if it was totally acceptable There is really no way to describe the s

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    This hilarious depiction of the stupidity and brutality of the old South African Police is one of the funniest books I have read in quite a while It will certainly never be picked as the assigned book for Afrikaaner Pride Week and the Enlish don t come out so great either , but it is one of those laugh out loud funny books that you should think twice before reading it

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    Wet your pants funny Its been to long since we have been able to make fun of apartide.

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    This novel is what you get when you combine racism, police and electro shock therapy in South Africa.

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    Hilarious Satire re the South African police that is full of innuendos that had me laughing harder than I have in a long time This is his followup to Riotous Assembly I look forward to reading that book in the future.

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    This is really good satire And the story construction is excellent.

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    Talk about black humor or not this book is truly funny It would not have been funny when it was first published and apartheid existed in South Africa, but I found it hilarious.After reading the efforts of the Lt to bug his bosses house, I was literally laughing out loud That sequence was one of the best I have read in some time and it set the pattern for the rest of the book.I recommend it to

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    As a satiric take down of racist white society in arphatide South Africa this is a top rate book, but time is merciless and the book is greatly eroded by homophobia and rape jokes At one time is probably was the height of yuks to have white policemen raping black women turned into flaming gays through shock treatment, but it falls with a resounding thud today A french lesbian is buggered by an alm

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    Black Humor That term is redefined by this Tom Sharpe novel Set in apartheid SA, the quest for perfect White SA by Lt Verkamp, the bumbling Kommadent van Hardeen s dream to be treated as true blueblood British the maniacal Dr vom Bliemstein s passion for turning any ordinary situation into a psychartist lesson leaves the reader in splits.Tom Sharpe managed to keep in splits while simultaneously shaking

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