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Fools Crow Set In Montana Shortly After The Civil War, This Novel Tells Of White Man S Dog Later Known As Fools Crow So Called After He Killed The Chief Of The Crows During A Raid , A Young Blackfeet Indian On The Verge Of Manhood, And His Band, Known As The Lone Eaters The Invasion Of White Society Threatens To Change Their Traditional Way Of Life, And They Must Choose To Fight Or Assimilate The Story Is A Powerful Portrait Of A Fading Way Of Life The Story Culminates With The Historic Marias Massacre Of , In Which The US Cavalry Mistakenly Killed A Friendly Band Of Blackfeet, Consisting Mostly Of Non Combatants A Major Contribution To Native American Literature Wallace Stegner

About the Author: James Welch

James Welch was a Blackfeet author who wrote several novels considered part of the Native American Renaissance literary movement He is best known for his novel Fools Crow 1986 His works explore the experiences of Native Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries He worked with Paul Stekler on the documentary Last Stand at Little Bighorn which aired on PBS.

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    I found this a very powerful novel dramatising the cultural clash between the Pikuni Blackfeet Native Americans and thepowerful and advanced American settlers called Napikwans by the Blackfeet.I found the detailed description of the vanished life style of the tribe immensely interesting I would tend to agree with the introduction by Thomas Mcguane when he makes the point that Tribalism is now accepted as a societal model best left

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    A wonderful, compelling story of change and misunderstandings The arrival of the White Man to the Plains of America brought changes to the Pikuni Natives in ways that they could not understand or were given the time to adapt to The results, as we know, were disastrous to all Native Americans The story of Fools Crow shows the desire to live in peace, with all people, and their confusion at the worsening of their situation through no fault

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    An amazing book that makes you realize just how much sympathetic, realistic, humanizing portraits of Native Americans are lacking in American fiction This book tells the story of Fools Crow, a young Blackfoot warrior, and his village in the late 1800s as US soldiers are encroaching on their territory However, white people loom at the very outer periphery of the story This book is not the usual Requiem for the Noble Savage that you might have re

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    The last several weeks I ve spent picking up various books that have been forgotten on my bookshelf for some time now, only to put them down one after another having read only a few pages and becoming distracted My life has felt so out of control lately that it s been hard for me to even concentrate on my beloved stories Until I picked up Fools Crow, that is, and I couldn t put it down.I m a believer in the notion that we usually get what we need when

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    Great story written from a Blackfoot Indian youth s point of view As a Montanan, I can tell you that I know Native Americans who may speak English, but Welch has captured much of the style and cadence of their speach in this novel In addition, he manages to tell the story in the style of a legend which incorporates the grandeur and vastness of our state He is a native Montanan and he understands that the land has written us, as authors, not the other way aro

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    I loved this book It is Native American history from a Native American viewpoint Knowing what is going to happen, reading about this part of the Blackfeet tribe was bitter sweet At the beginning, we get to see what day to day life was like before the settlers came in large numbers to take the land and make the buffalo extinct It wasn t romanticized We see violence between tribes, the possibility of starvation, the physical pain involved in certain rituals But we al

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    A very interesting book for me, and one I am very glad to have read The native indian style of writing in which days are counted in terms of sleeps, months in terms of moons, seasons in terms of the expected arrival of Cold Maker, and so on plunges the reader immediately inside the Lone Eaters camps, and there are so many little details that provide a very vivid picture of what life was like for the Indian Blackfoot Tribes at the end of the 19th century, how they felt, wh

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    A very valuable read Written in 1986 by a Blackfoot author, it seems to be an authentic portrayal of life among what we Canadians would label the Piikani First Nation although the book is set in Montana around 1870 , in their dying days of living independently upon the bison that were shortly to be eradicated More than showing their lives though, it shows a worldview in marked constrast to that of the white traders soldiers and settlers, then and now It particularly resonated wi

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    This is a great bit of historical fiction It brings us into the life of a community of Native Americans in the 1860s 1870s in the northern plains, a time of transition as the arrival of white settlers threatens them on so many levels The author did a wonderful job of bringing characters and a culture to life This is a great bit of historical fiction It brings us into the life of a community of Native Americans in the 1860s 1870s in the northern plains, a time of transition as the arriv

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    James Welch was a gifted American writer and one of the best to realistically depict the culture of the modern day Plains Indians After reading one of James Welch s earlier books, I put off reading any other books for years They are hard to read in that they are excellently written but give such a sense of despair Fool s Crow is not quite the same as the othersof a look back at the Blackfeet before the white man entered the scene but towards the end the foreboding and sense of los James Welch

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