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Ten Little Indians The 2004 short story collection, Ten Little Indians, by Sherman Alexie, is another one of those beautiful and gut wrenching masterworks that made me laugh a lot and made me cry These nine stories are trenchant, bitterly uplifting, and focused on various themes surrounding Native American identity in the United States after September 11, 2001.The phrase bitterly sarcastic appears in this book, and while the author s ruthless wit can certainly deliver an abundance of cutting zingers, these stories are also extremely generous and compassionate Alexie s clean, concise prose traffics in the ugly truth, but the stories in Ten Little Indians always reaffirm life In the worldview of Alexie s fiction, the human spirit is profoundly flawed, but still worth the absurdity and pain that come with being alive.I love reading Alexie because he makes me feel less alone His work always gives me the grungy kitchen table to gather and commune with my metaphysical tribe.I m also glad that I read this collection after reading his 2017 memoir, You Don t Have to Say You Love Me Many people have read Alexie s incredibly popular YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, but his adult prose and his memoir hit so much harder than his YA fiction ever could.I highly recommend Ten Little Indians to any Sherman Alexie fans who haven t yet read this book It s fantastic. I m not scared of the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons of the world Jerry and Pat aren t the ones crawling in and out of the sweat houses and pontificating about how much they admire Indian culture I m scared of the white liberals who love Indians I figure about 75 percent of white liberals who hang around Indians will eventually start believing they re Indians, then start telling us Indians how to be Indian p 140from The life and times of Estelle Walks above I picked this collection up after reading Alexie s popular YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian That Book had me laughing and crying over and over Ten Little Indians had a similar effect At times hysterically funny, other times passionate and angry and there was a good amount of heart warming moments to hold me The right mix to keep me interested too I often pick up short story collections and only read the first few, but this one I looked forward to returning to every night Not a one night stand unless you pull an all nighter This collection has 9 stories that all range from 6 53 pages, the average story is about 25 pages My favourite story was Do You know Where I am about a marriage that overcomes infidelity I highly recommend for anyone looking to spend time with a witty, quick and passionate guy Some of the recurring topics include Post 9 11 Terrorism, Family, Marriage, Racism, Colonialism, Writing, the Indigenous experience often poking fun at magical Indian tropes and there s two stories that strongly feature Basketball Favourite quoteWe fought hard for our happiness, and sometimes we won Over the years, we won often enough to develop a strong taste for winningp 167 Sherman Alexie Offers Nine Poignant And Emotionally Resonant Stories About Native Americans Who Find Themselves At Personal And Cultural Crossroads In The Life And Times Of Estelle Walks Above , An Intellectual Feminist Spokane Indian Woman Saves The Lives Of Dozens Of White Women All Around Her, To The Bewilderment Of Her Only Child In Do You Know Where I Am Two College Sweethearts Rescue A Lost Cat A Simple Act That Has Profound Moral Consequences For The Rest Of Their Lives Together In What You Pawn I Will Redeem , A Homeless Indian Man Must Raise , In Twenty Four Hours To Buy Back The Fancy Dance Outfit Stolen From His Grandmother Fifty Years EarlierEven As They Often Make Us Laugh, Sherman Alexie S Stories Are Driven By A Haunting Lyricism And Naked Candour That Cut To The Heart Of The Human Experience The last few years I ve been trying to read short stories It isn t a genre I really gave much time to in the past because I figured my TBR of full length novels was too long I m glad I ve been expanding my reading horizons, though, even if some of the collections I ve read have been hit or miss.However, Sherman Alexie never misses These nine stories were fantastic, really taking me away All of them were or less set around where he lives and featured Spokane characters, many of whom you could tell reflected himself and his experiences Of course basketball featured heavily as well Darkly funny and often heartbreaking, every single one of these powerful stories was wonderful Ten Little Indians is just further proof that everything Alexie writes is a gift The man is my favorite author for a reason, after all. This is Alexie s PERFECT short story collection Alexie is able to portray gender, poverty, humor, grief and death throughout these stories I was most impressed by the way Alexie is able to accurately portray women and give them a voice through his own There s a deep understanding of what it is to be human and what it is to live to live darkly, to live humorously, to live with grief, to live with love. It s been awhile since I ve thought to myself I m too much of a prude for this and felt bad about it I certainly don t mind erotic fiction, judging from my enjoyment of romance novels and explicit fan fiction But there s a difference between the happy ending stuff and the stories in this, each of which contained an explicit sex scene or references to explicit sex It was unexpected, for starters, since the summaries focus on Alexie s well deserved reputation for insightful, clear prose It was also uncomfortable and desperate and voyeuristic and upsetting and a whole bunch of other, similar adjectives These were generally not people having a great time and it made it hard to focus on the rest of the plots.So I was too much of a prude for this, but I also felt bad about it because it felt like I was the one who forced the wrong door open and found myself somewhere I didn t belong. Three stars is being generous, it s like 2.5 Most of the stories seemed pretty pointless and even though the books theme was Indians, most of the stories had nothing to do with that If the author deleted the sentence that told you the main character was an Indian, there wouldn t be anything This was very disappointing. LOVE Awesome book Very funny, deadpan Also eye opening, in that I had no idea there was apparently, insofar as the stories are realisms so much anti Native racism in the Northwest His dialogue is fantastic, especially when people talk past each other Most people seem to think the 9 11 story or the last, longest story are the show stoppers it certainly has the longest stretches of hard fought transformation, and features a man and his dying father, and actually, like many of Alexie s stories, has very convincing male friendships I tend to like stories with multiple axes axises , tho, so I preferred the basketball love story and the story of the literary stalker who chases down the possibly fake Indian writer adopted into a white family who has his heyday with the spoken word hippies, then disappears. I picked this book up because I really wanted to read Alexie s other short story collection The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven fabulous title and couldn t find it at the time I m not a fan of short stories, and I didn t enjoy this collection But I can say that in my opinion the stories are well written and if bold, uncensored, raucous, and sexy is your thing, then you might really enjoy the book The story I enjoyed the most was What You Pawn I Will Redeem telling the story of a homeless Indian man s one day quest to find 999 to buy back his grandmother s stolen pow wow dance regalia from a pawn shop It wasn t bold, uncensored, raucous, and sexy it was poignant and touching and human and real That s what I enjoy.

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