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These Ghosts Are Family A transporting debut novel that reveals the ways in which a Jamaican family forms and fractures over generations, in the tradition of Homegoing by Yaa GyasiStanford Solomon has a shocking, thirty year old secret And it s about to change the lives of everyone around him Stanford Solomon is actually Abel Paisley, a man who faked his own death and stole the identity of his best friend And now, nearing the end of his life, Stanford is about to meet his firstborn daughter, Irene Paisley, a home health aide who has unwittingly shown up for her first day of work to tend to the father she thought was dead These Ghosts Are Family revolves around the consequences of Abel s decision and tells the story of the Paisley family from colonial Jamaica to present day Harlem There is Vera, whose widowhood forced her into the role of single mother There are two daughters and a granddaughter who have never known they are related And there are others, like the house boy who loved Vera, whose lives might have taken different courses if not for Abel Paisley s actions These Ghosts Are Family explores the ways each character wrestles with their ghosts and struggles to forge independent identities outside of the family and their trauma The result is an engrossing portrait of a family and individuals caught in the sweep of history, slavery, migration, and the personal dramas of infidelity, lost love, and regret This electric and luminous family saga announces the arrival of a new American talent

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    The connection of ancestors and how the dead still effect the living is explored in the tangled web of Irene Paisley and Stanford Solomon s family Generations of family members are navigating their life decades and centuries later based on their past ancestors A domino effect is seen when their Jam

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    BOOK REVIEW 2 3 20Did a video review of the book as well, it s a stunning debut AUTHOR INTERVIEW 21 2 20Had the chance to interview Maisy Card and talk about her book 29 1 20This was an absolutely stunning read So well put together, I m completely blown away would no doubt recommend this book 25 1 20A h

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    The family tree assignment we had to do in elementary middle school ain t shit compared to These Ghost are Family Here we have a book that portrays as one man s lies, betrayal, and infidelity but instead, you get caught in a whirlpool Faking his death was only Abel s way of introducing us to a family lineage

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    This book was interesting Still gathering my thoughts even after a re read This is multi layered novel that started off fantastic but I lost my way several times during the multitude of characters This feltlike a collection of short stories rather than one fictional novel I enjoyed the writing historical fiction

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    4 Stars for the first 85% of the book and the remaining balance of the story was not quite two stars because it read like an unrelated second story This part seemed to have nothing to do with the novel that precedes it More about the ending below.When I first started These Ghosts Are Family , I was all in I was thinki

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    Re read for BookOfCinz Book Club I love this book a lotthe second time around These Ghosts Are Family is Maisy Card s debut novel that features a multi generational narration from 1700s to 2000s These Ghosts Are Family opens with the revelation of Stanford Solomon s three decade long secret he is not who he says he is Thir

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    What a complex story, unlike anything I have read before Its different strands capture the very fractured lineage of many who originally called Jamaica their home This is a tale of family lost and found, of historic racial divides, of families broken and trying to heal, of the impact of centuries of slavery in the Caribbean and

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    This debut novel covers multiple generations of a Jamaican family and it starts in the middle, when a dying man decides to admit that he faked his death to his adult daughter This isn t a typical family saga in the sense of a linear story each chapter features characters related to Abel Solomon either as offspring or ancestors It de

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    When I first picked up These Ghosts Are Family I thought it would be a contemporary novel focused on telling Stanford Solomon s story How he assumes the life of another man and the impact this decision has on his family for generations to come Yes, it is that story But it is also a sweeping historical fiction that traces his Jamaican roo

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    Update June 14, 2020I didn t love this book These family secrets formed, as Miller placed it, in the complication of roots, in the dirtiness of dirt, drew too near But there was true pleasure in experiencing such an intricately constructed, vividly spun debut heavy with substance, however dread It evoked true admiration for Card s choice to r

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