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Little Big Man I Am A White Man And Never Forget It, But I Was Brought Up By The Cheyenne Indians From The Age Of Ten So Starts The Story Of Jack Crabb, The Year Old Narrator Of Thomas Berger S Masterpiece Of American Fiction As A Human Being , As The Cheyenne Called Their Own, He Won The Name Little Big Man He Dressed In Skins, Feasted On Dog, Loved Four Wives And Saw His People Butchered By The Horse Soldiers Of General Custer, The Man He Had Sworn To KillAs A White Man, Crabb Hunted Buffalo, Tangled With Wyatt Earp, Cheated Wild Bill Hickok And Survived The Battle Of Little Bighorn Part Farcical, Part Historical, The Picaresque Adventures Of This Witty, Wily Mythomaniac Claimed The Wild West As The Stuff Of Serious Literature

About the Author: Thomas Berger

Thomas Louis Berger was an American novelist, probably best known for his picaresque novel Little Big Man, which was adapted into a film by Arthur Penn Berger explored and manipulated many genres of fiction throughout his career, including the crime novel, the hard boiled detective story, science fiction, the utopian novel, plus re workings of classical mythology, Arthurian legend, and the survival adventure Berger s use of humor and his often biting wit led many reviewers to refer to him as a satirist or comic novelist, though he rejected that classification.

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    Smarter people than I have noted that the Captivity Narrative is America s first indigenous literary genre For what it s worth not much I happen to agree Stories about white men, women, and children taken by the Indians have been told on these shores since long before the United States came into existence Increase and Cotton Mather often took time off from spreading the

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    Jack Crabb was either the most neglected hero in the history of this country or a liar of insane proportions In either case, may the Everywhere Spirit have mercy on his soul, and yours, and mineThomas Berger, Little Big ManThe truth seems hateful to most everybodyThomas Berger, Little Big Man I thought I was clever when I told my wife Jack Crabb, aka Little Big Man, was t

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    So I, Jack Crabb, was a Cheyenne warrior Had made my kill with bow and arrow Been scalped and healed with hocus pocus Had an ancient savage who couldn t talk English for my Pa, and a fat brown woman for my Ma, and for a brother a fellow whose face I hardly ever saw for clay or paint Lived in a skin tent and ate puppy dog God, it was strange Most of us are familiar with Jack

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    Having been captivated by Thomas Berger s use of language, by his imagination, by his sympathetic treatment of Native Americans, specifically the Cheyenne, I finished his marvelous novel, Little Big Man, a page turner that kept me riveted from beginning to end The protagonist is Jack Crabb, age 111, consummate raconteur, the story being told in the first person by this unlike

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    I know I m in a big minority here, but I must have missed something in what many people describe as one of our greatest American novels This was a tedious, uninspiring read in many ways LITTLE BIG MAN was a book I had trouble even finishing.

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    Better than the movie, maybe, but not by much Whatever you think about the conflict between the Plains Indians and the white man, it s hard to identify with a hero who is really neither red nor white in his loyalty, who consistently takes the low road and whose outlook on life is completely mean spirited and sleazy Now I m no stranger to anti heroes I cheered for Alex in A CLOCKW

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    Books as great as this one make me happy that I spend much of my reading time on older novels I started My Big Fat Reading Project initially as a method of learning American literature While the project has expanded to include 20th century literature in general, it is surely accomplishing that original goal Thomas Berger, who died in 2014, was born in Cincinnati, OH, in 1924 He wro

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    Sometimes a book is a good friend Not like a good friend An actual friend You open your eyes in the morning and you remember that it is there, your friend, and you know you ll get through This book was a good friend Maybe it was Jack Crabb s the narrator unique, funny, irreverent, wise, one hundred and eleven year old voice that sparked the friendship and kept it going For a few days

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    The movie with Dustin Hoffman was very well done follows the book fairly well, but the book captures the character even better He s not a perfect man by any stretch of the imagination He lives a long time through some very interesting history Living with the Indians then scouting for Custer at the Little Big Horn, a fight against the same indians he lived with There s a gritty, real fe

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    Original review, based on reading it perhaps 25 years ago An old book well worth hunting down and reading, or re reading If you were to make a list of every trait that makes somebody a human being as opposed to a Human Being, which was one of the sub groups described in this book , it might look something like humor sense of the absurd kindness vanity lack of self awarenessand you could

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