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The Time Seer Fulfilling a prophecy to save the world can drive a young woman mad as the enthralling epic fantasy series continues Carol Rafel knows the lengths to which the sorcerer Kragan will go to impede the fulfillment of her prophecy destroy the wielder of necrotic magic before she destroys him Never far from Kragan s evil grasp, she is struck down by his wicked spellCarol s assassin husband, Arn, has no choice but to cast aside his precious weapon to embrace a powerful one the clairvoyance he shares with Carol With time sights linked, they must now rely on the dreamscapes of their minds to track Kragan into the shadows as he nears his own invaluable weapon the legendary shattered trident, which will ensure him godlike powers But Carol and Arn s visions come at a cost Pursuit into such abominable darkness is leading to madnessAs Kragan s armies amass for a raging war between good and evil, Carol fears that the ancient prophecy she s been chosen to bear out may be impossible to survive

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    Carries on in the same veinEnjoyable but I think this should have been the last one as it is getting dragged out a bit too much now.

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    Continuing to read this sagaout of duty than enjoymentOn the one hand this author s Rho series is among the most original and inventive sci fi worlds I ve ever experienced on the other, this series reached a point of diminishing returns about two novels ago the author has woven a highly complex web of characters, plot points, flirting around in history and the prese

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    War and Magik like you have never seen before.This volume of the Endarian Prophecy has brought out heros and their allies closer to Kragen and the spirit of Landral in their quest for the death of Kragen and peace in their world.The Chosen continues leading the Forsaken into battle and earns new warriors to replace those who have fallen in the last battle.Arn Blade and C

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    This is the latest encounter between Lorness Carol Rafel, wh0 possesses magical and mind altering powers, and Kragan, a purveyor of demonic magic, as they pursue artifacts which are critical to the future of the world Can Carol and her husband Arn link their powers in a way to prevent Kragan from gaining possession of all the elements of the shattered trident, and thereby bec

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    I received this book through a giveaway I enjoyed the book and the concept, but it is the start of a series, so an opening at the end for the book to be continued There was a lack of character development For me, I like details Details about characters, the location and the relationships I wanteddetail to keep me waiting for the next book.

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    .Not enough character development and plot development Repetitious war scenes and magical destruction caused me to skim huge amount of the book I would like there to be redemption of Princess Kimber.

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    Weak endingJust a pale imitation of Tolkein with unbelievable characters Got really bored halfway through.Plot simply doesn t work In reality the evil one would have been traced an initio, and if he could bring the dead to life, so could Kim.

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    I won this kindle book for free as part of a giveaway I realized that it was part of a series when I started reading it It is a little different than the books I normally read but the author has been very thorough on his world building and character backgrounds.

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    It got betterThis book is as good as the previous ones I love the expansive details of characters and situations they find themselves in without over burdening descriptions I am sure the next book will be as good.

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    EntertainingHave a hard time putting the book down Great story line and enough action to keep you coming back for .

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