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Getting to Know the General Greene s account of a five year personal involvement with Omar Torrijos, ruler of Panama from and Sergeant Chuchu, one of the few men in the National Guard whom the General trusted completely It is a fascinating tribute to an inspirational politician in the vital period of his country s history, and to an unusual and enduring friendship

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    Getting To Know The General is a little known out of print nonfiction book by one of my favorite writers, Graham Greene The story begins in 1976 when Greene inexplicably receives an invitation to visit Panama as the guest of then ruler General Omar Torrijos Herrar He immediately accepts knowing only of Panama from the exploits of the pirate Henry Morgan and the mysterious deat

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    I ve been reading quite a few books by Graham Greene over the past few years Getting to Know the General The Story of an Involvement was one of his later books and the 3rd book of non fiction of his that I ve read It is about General Omar Torrijos Herrera, the leader of Panama in the 70s, who was killed in a plane crash in 1981 Greene was invited to Panama to meet him, in 1976

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    I think Graham Greene was 80 when this book was published Early on, maybe in the introduction, he says that the book isabout getting to know Omar Torrijos s security guard, the improbably named Chuchu, than it was about getting to know the general himself Though Chuchu and Torrijos are invariably charming, it s the narrator, in the gloaming of his life, who steals the show I am

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    I wrote a letter to Graham Greene in my head I ll be waiting forever to send it.

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    I found this story Getting to Know the General by Graham Greene quite interesting andso because I was living and working in Panama when the events were happening So, I have a little story of my encounter with General Omar Torrijos Herrera one bright sunny tropical day while going to pick up a visitor who was coming to inspect an automated inventory system I was installing in our o

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    I was a young kid when I read this book okay 25 and what I thought was Greene was such a rebel He gets an invitation to visit General Omar Torrijos of Panama in 1976 and gets to know him This gets him kicked out of the U.S and treads on dangerous grounds for his travels But Greene was just that sort of character.and that is what makes this such a good read.

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    Fear can be easily experienced, but fun is hard to come by in old age

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    Ez egy kudarcb l kov csolt k nyv Greene tervezett egy reg nyt tban hazafel c mmel, melybe bele rta volna a sz v hez oly k zel ll Panam t, m ism tl d utaz sai sor n olyan k zel ker lt az orsz ghoz s egyben az orsz g vezet j hez, Omar Torrijos Herrera t bornokhoz , hogy az m r lehetetlenn tette a fikci v transzform l st De ha a fikci f stbe ment is, az rt maradt m g egy t meg rni az eg

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