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Ten Little Words I Am Always With You I Will Always Be Here This Was The Promise Ella S Mother Betrayed Thirty Years Ago When She Walked Into The Sea, Leaving Her Five Year Old Daughter Alone In The World Ella S Been Angry Ever Since, Building Up A Wall To Protect Herself But That All Changes The Day She Opens A Newspaper And Finds Those Ten Little Words Printed In A Classified AdElla Refuses To Believe Her Mother Could Still Be Alive That Would Mean She Did Want To Live, Just Not With Her Daughter So She Throws Herself Into Finding Out Exactly What Happened All Those Years Ago, Determined To Extinguish Even The Tiniest Flame Of Hope For Ella, Hope Is TortureBut Rather Than Settling Things Once And For All, What Ella Discovers Shatters Her World As She Pieces Together The Truth Behind Her Mother S Disappearance, She Learns That The Words Are Not What She ThoughtNow She Knows The Truth Is It Possible That Ella Can Allow Herself To Love And Be Loved Once Again

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    Thirty years ago deeply troubled Jude Morgan disappears and is presumed dead She leaves behind a five year old daughter Ella, who is raised by her Aunt Carolyn and her husband Rob This story is told in different timelines by Jude from the 1980 s and by Ella in the present day Ten little words refers to two phrases her mother always said to Ella which remain of utmost importance to her Ella s perspe

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    I am always with you I will always be here.Those are the ten little words spoken by Jude before she walked into the ocean and never came back Jude has been declared dead, but her 5 year old daughter, Ella, never believed it How could her mother leave her Didn t she whisper those ten little words and promise to always be there Now a 30 something year old woman, Ella has a joband that s about it She is barely

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    Ella had believed her mother Jude was dead But hen ahe read a newspaper advertisement saying the same ten words her mother used to say to her, she wonders if her mother is still alive Her aunt gives her a box of belongings and a man that holds the key to the answers Ella is searching for.For reasons I couldn t quite put my finger on, I couldn t take to Ella She was just five when her mother walked out on her Ella has

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    This book moved a little slow for me but I kept going because of all the positive reviews it got I ll give it 3 stars Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review.

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    An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley, in return for my honest review I am always with you I will always be here These ten words 5 year old Ella s mum, Jude would say to her each night at bedtime That is until one day when her mother walked into the sea, never to be seen or heard from again, leaving Ella to be brought up by her aunt, Carolyn.Now 30 years later those very same ten words have appeared in the annou

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    Ellla s mother disappears and is later presumed dead after promising in 10 words that she will never lave her Ella is then raised by her aunt Carolyn and moves to London Music and moving to London help Mia to feel slightly less angry and resentment from how her mother left her until she sees something in a newspaper that shocks her Those same 10 words appear in the paper and bring Ella back to when her mom died But is her mom really dead or did sh

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    I really enjoyed this novel Perking my interest from page one I whizzed through this book in a few hours, holding my interest all the way That s one of my indicators of a great book We all know there is nothing worse than getting to 50% and still not getting hooked into what we are reading The book starts dramatically and grabbed me straight away, I had to know what happened.The book is written from two perspectives over two different timelines, a mother an

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    The past wasn t behind us, and it could never be laid to rest The past was within us We could barricade ourselves from the outside world as much as we liked, but it would still be there, lying dormant, just waiting for a chance to break into our lives again I finished this book within a day, I just couldn t put it down In some ways Ella reminded me of Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine she has a regular job and is happy on her own, she doesn t like to have to deal w

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here My review contains spoilers I am always with you I will always be here Jude broke that promise to her 5 year old daughter when she walked into the sea, abandoning Ella to the care of her sister.Her body was never discovered and she was later declared dead.30 years later, Ella finds an anonymous ad in a paper containing the ten little words her mother always used to repeat to herIs Jude still alive

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    After promising Ella in ten little words that she would never leave her, Ella s mum Jude is dead For thirty years Ella has felt betrayed Even though she was adopted by her Aunt Carolyn she still feels there s no place for her in this world She lives alone with her cat, has the same lunch every day at work and never socialises merely exists But everything changes one day when she opens a paper and sees a ten word advert in the classifieds She refuses to believe her mum is still alive but

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