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In the Heart of the Fire Koontz yes please Nameless is everything you expect a beloved Koontz character to be If you love Koontz, then by all means you ll love this book If you haven t had the pleasure of reading one of amazing works, let this be an excellent introduction into his world He can scare you, make you laugh, make you love the characters, or hate them He will leave you with thought provoking story lines that you won t soon forget The first of the six book series did not disappoint I m leaving this at 1 20am after having finished it in one reading and beyond my bed time I became a fan in 7th grade I ll be 50 next year he continues to captivate me now as he did so many years ago with the first book of his I read Phantoms A Bloodthirsty Sheriff Is Terrorizing A Small Texas Town Where Justice Has Been Buried With His Victims Until Nameless Arrives A Vigilante Whose Past Is A Mystery And Whose Future Is Written In BloodAnyone Who Crosses Sheriff Russell Soakes Is Dead, Missing, Or Warned One Of Them Is A Single Mother Trying To Protect Her Children But Bracing Herself For The Worst Nameless Fears The Outcome He S Seen It In His Visions Now It S Time To Teach The Depraved Soakes A Lesson In Fear But In Turning Predators Into Prey, Will Nameless Unearth A Few Secrets Of His Own From New York Times Bestselling Author Dean Koontz Comes In The Heart Of The Fire , Part Of Nameless , A Riveting Collection Of Short Stories About A Vigilante Nomad, Stripped Of His Memories And Commissioned To Kill Follow Him In Each Story, Which Can Be Read Or Listened To In A Single Sitting Good fast readI read it in one sitting Well, I did take a dinner break The 4 star rating is warranted because this is vintage Koontz The hero is a mystery who is guided by a mysterious operative working f o r a mysterious organization The man with no name and a probably tragic past that he can t remember This is the first of a series of short books featuring the Nameless hero Of course it has a dog in it A mother and children in peril I won t spoil it But, the villains are guilty of the most unforgivable crime a human can commit This could have been harder and action packed in say the hands of Lee Childs Maybe, even Craig Johnson and Longmire But, nobody does the slow, serious mystery quite like Dean Koontz This author tends to either pull me in such as with Odd Thomas or bore me to tears such as The Watchers This one works It s short at some 60 pages But, it does tease that there is to come. If this doesn t prove my love for Dean Koontz, then I don t know what does I like physical books, not audiobooks or e readers But if the only way these are available is audiobook or e reader, well guess who signed up for a free trial That s right This girl I m really in love with this Nameless concept, and I can t believe how deep and rich of a concept was packed into what was ultimately a short story I can t wait to dive into the next one and I actually didn t mind the audiobook version as much as I thought I would since I was able to listen while cleaning at work Still, nothing will ever replace ink on my finger and a book in my lap. This reads as the prologue of a larger book Reminiscent of supernatural themed books as well as high concept thrillers Nameless is a combination of Odd Thomas and Jane Hawk This first episode has me intrigued immensely It s a classic tale of the fight against Evil, fought by a man specially equipped to handle the situation.Although it might be a marketing ploy get people interested in purchasing ebooks by releasing an exclusive series by a well established author Koontz has done it before, releasing digital short stories a month before his new hardcovers But when the stories are good, I don t care I m looking forward to the other episodes. Nameless has visions of the past Crimes that have been committed, Sherrie Russell Stoakes is his next target Terrorizing a small town People either go missing or end up dead, most times both Nameless uses his visions to Guide him He can t remember his own past or even his own name but when he sees other people s past he has to help make the future a better place for others who are or may become involved.Typical Dean Koontz, straight to the point and heart of the story Very quick read but so engrossing I didn t want to put it down Brilliantly written as always. is one of my favourite writers and has been for decades I stumbled upon his work as a young teenager around the same time I discovered Stephen King I raced through this little thriller and really enjoyed it Nameless is an interesting, perplexing character I hope his secrets will be unearthed across the remaining five stories in the series What s his real name Who is guiding him Are his actions justified I look forward to reading Nameless s next adventure. Not a bad first book in the series Just a bit too new Koontz for me I was hoping for some horror, but this one will do There s a damn dog, but at least it s not a golden retriever And for once the dog didn t have super powers I think that the flow after a bit was a bit off And I think that Nameless felt like a hybrid of Odd Thomas and a few Koontz heroes mixed in At least this guy doesn t seem to be a former military man with the ability to just shoot people in like five seconds I will say that the idea behind this is intriguing and some of the beats the story takes are really good Koontz has put out a short story collection that I thought was really good in the past, and you can see some of that still here In the Heart of the Fire is the first book sets up the premise of a lone man with a network of allies who can see the past and future Using that he seems to be going around to root out evil This first book has Nameless helping a widowed woman Jenny with a young boy and girl A corrupt sheriff Soakes and deputy seem to have a yen for young girls and Nameless knows if he doesn t get involved the whole family can be wiped out.Not too much to say about Nameless He can t remember his past, but has a special ability to see the past and future And he knows sometimes he can t change what is shown to him in the future He is working with a group people called Ace of Diamonds and a person called Ace I assume that Nameless s ability has been tested so they know that the people they target are evil and are fine with doing what they have to in order to ensure other s safety I am curious how Nameless got this ability though and hope that gets shown eventually.I liked the character of Jenny and thought her doing what she could to keep her family safe was admirable Though there are mentions of what Soakes and his acolyte have done to young girls, it s not spelled out explicitly to readers I am quite okay with that Soakes reminds me a bit of Koontz villains from the past They all seem to talk like dime store bad guys and have the most ridiculous thoughts The writing is typical Koontz, low on horror for those who are hoping This seems firmly mystery, thriller, and suspense The flow was off a bit at the beginning, but gets interesting as you have Jenny recount her story After that things get a bit slow again The setting of this town in Texas where Soakes rules at times feels oppressive Koontz describes the heat and the solitary nature of the homes and people You can see quite easily how some family s can disappear I thought the ending was great, but wanted something to occur It just seemed a bit too easy. Perfect length to listen to while I made dinner tonight I started when I began prep work on my meat and vegetables and I finished just as my oven timer went off Nameless is a vigilante that cannot remember his own past He has visions of strangers past and future In this installment, he helps a widowed woman and her two small children by taking care of the sheriff that has forced them live in fear The sheriff is an awful monster of a person and Nameless really makes him pay.Because of the short length, there isn t enough time to dive too deeply into detail and extensive characterization It held my attention from start to finish and was exactly what I expect from a short story I especially love the length of this one because it wraps up nicely and I m invested enough in Nameless to grab the next one when I m working on another chore.Audiobook Notes Edoardo Ballerini narrates it very well and I could feel the suspense build with each chapter Title In the Heart of the Fire by Dean KoontzSeries Nameless 1Narrated by Edoardo BalleriniLength 1 hour, 31 minutes, UnabridgedPublished by Brilliance Audio

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