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The Prince's Outback Bride (Romance) The throne of Alp d Estella lies empty Prince Regent Max de Gautier travels to the Outback to find the next heir eight year old orphan Marc Max isn t expecting to be confronted by a feisty woman who is fiercely protective of her adopted family.Although Pippa is wary of this dashing prince, she cannot deny Marc his heritage nor her attraction to Max so she agrees to spend one month in his royal kingdom.Will it be enough to convince Pippa and the kids to stay and for Max to make her his royal bride

About the Author: Marion Lennox

Writing romance sounds fascinating Huh I m a writer I m boring Day after day I sit behind a word processor making up people in my head Why do I do it I love it My husband, Dave, gets up in the morning, puts on a suit and heads out into the ice and cold of Ballarat s winter Sadly I live in one of the tiny parts of Australia that qualifies as cold I make myself another cup of coffee, head

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    The setup premise for this book makes it sound better than it is The setup also seems to be halfway forgotten about somewhat early on, unfortunately A not horrendous book that never lives up to its very early promise.

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    It s so ubiquitous, needs major improvement in writing skill, can t believe it s published Marion Lennox has the content but it s too all over the place.

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