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Notes from an Apocalypse By The Author Of The Award Winning To Be A Machine, An Absorbing, Deeply Felt Book About Our Anxious Present Tense And Coming To Grips With The FutureWe Re Alive In A Time Of Worst Case Scenarios The Weather Has Gone Uncanny Our Old Postwar Alliances Are Crumbling Everywhere You Look There S An Omen, A Joke Whose Punchline Is The End Of The World How Is A Person Supposed To Live In The Shadow Of Such A Grim Future What Does It Mean To Have Children Nothing If Not An Act Of Hope What Might It Be Like To Live Through The Worst And What On Earth Is Anybody Doing About It Dublin Based Writer Mark O Connell Is Consumed By These Questions And, As The Father Of Two Young Children Himself, He Finds Them Increasingly Urgent In Notes From An Apocalypse, He Crosses The Globe In Pursuit Of Answers He Tours Survival Bunkers In South Dakota He Ventures To New Zealand, A Favored Retreat Of Billionaires Banking On Civilization S Collapse He Engages With Would Be Mars Colonists, Preppers, Right Wing Conspiracists And He Bears Witness To Those Places, Like Chernobyl, That The Future Has Already Visited Real Life Portraits Of The End Of The World As We Know It In Doing So, He Comes To A Resolution, While Offering Readers A Unique Window Into Our Contemporary ImaginationBoth Investigative And Deeply Personal, Notes From An Apocalypse Is An Affecting, Humorous, And Surprisingly Hopeful Meditation On Our Present Moment With Insight, Humanity, And Wit, O Connell Leaves You To Wonder What If The End Of The World Isn T The End Of The World

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    I ve read over 300 books this year, and this may be my favorite even though I occasionally hated reading it What a brilliant, depressing, funny, fascinating, infuriating, interesting book Just wow This is not a book for the faint of heart, but anybody paying attention these days can t be of the faint of heart anyway These are scary times, all the so as a parent.O Con

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    There are a lot of people who think our time is up That is what Notes From An Apocalypse explores It is a very dark depressing journey, which fortunately ends on a note of hope Mark O Connell is a very self conscious writer He is aware of the contradictions in everyday life, the conflicts in his own being, and the privilege he enjoys as a white, middle class Irish auth

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    Nothing could be important in, as it were, the end than unflinching engagement with the reality that we as a species might be finally and irrevocably fucked.A stunning follow up to To Be A Machine O Connell s reliably exquisite prose, penetrating and perspective shifting insights, biting humor, and heart wrenching evocations of emotion are all masterfully deplo

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    Note I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley Considering just how much anxiety I feel about these present times in general, I was surprised by just how much I ended up enjoying Notes from an Apocalypse O Connell s various tours to explore how different groups and people are preparing for the possible end is done so with both a critical eye and also a great d

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    Fascinating, chilling, yet depressing The author sets out to explore how various people are preparing for the possibility of an apocalypse No zombies, or Mad Max scenarios, just people who have an overwhelming fear I guess that s the most accurate descriptor of the end of the world The author visits all kinds of people and sites From underground bunkers in South Dakota, t

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    There is no way of contemplating the catastrophe of our way of life, from the outside There is no outside Here, too, I myself am the contaminant I myself am the apocalypse of which I speak wasn t the impulse to catastrophize, to imagine the collapse of one s world, only the pursuit of a mind shaped by leisure and economic comfort What did I really mean by the end of the wo

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