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Transcendence King Grey Has Unrivaled Strength, Wealth, And Prestige In A World Governed By Martial Ability However, Solitude Lingers Closely Behind Those With Great Power Beneath The Glamorous Exterior Of A Powerful King Lurks The Shell Of A Man, Devoid Of Purpose And Will Reincarnated Into A New World Filled With Magic And Monsters, The King Has A Second Chance To Relive His Life Correcting The Mistakes Of His Past Will Not Be His Only Challenge, However Underneath The Peace And Prosperity Of The New World Is An Undercurrent Threatening To Destroy Everything He Has Worked For, Questioning His Role And Reason For Being Born Again

About the Author: TurtleMe

Wearing the mask of TurtleMe, this writer has progressed from his title as a Berkeley graduate and discarded his identity has a corporate worker and delved into the world of fantasy As a recognized web serial author for over two years, TurtleMe brings together a mix of traditional literature alongside fast paced installments into his novel The Beginning After The End , an epic fantasy starting from the rebirth of a king into a new life of magic and twisted fate He has a fondness for books, comics, games and going on walks with his wonderful girlfriend, Grace, and his devious dog, Roy.

10 thoughts on “Transcendence

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    Boring, repetitive I skipped forward half of the book, especially the last third The whole book is stagnated There are a few interesting tidbits sprinkle here and there, but same story repeating over and over For guy trained by the god, MC keep losing or barely survive and either managed to win after being near death or got save by someone else I lost count how many times MC almost died and didn t It is su

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    Phenomenal read I read all 5 books before this one in a matter of 3 days then another 2 days in finishing this current one.This series completely came out of nowhere and took me by surprise indeed.Now just having finished the 6th book I can t wait till book 7 comes out Definitely worth the long wait Everything from the first book to this current one left me unable to stop reading till the very and beyond.Give the

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    Review of book 1 7Book 1 This was very entertaining, and while I have read something similar before, it was an enjoyable read 4 Stars However, only two things kept it from being 5 stars First, there was no REAL conflict in this book Everything was too easy for the MC and everything was pre ordained Second, there was an initial information dump in the form of the MC reading books in a library about his new world, but after

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    Rating 3.5 stars There has been something missing in the last couple of books The princess and his parents where huge parts of the story if not the motivation for Art in the previous books They have barely been in the story though in the last couple of books I have a hard time figuring out where the author is taking me There was a good amount of this book that dealt with Grey Art s name from his previous life and his life as an o

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    Alert I hate trying to write reviews because there are really only pass fail results for me Did I make it all the way through Yes 5 stars No There would be nothing here to read In all fairness, if an author holds my attention from page one to the end, they ve done their job Anything less than 5 stars is petty criticism from someone incapable of even doing the job let alone doing a better one.So in respect for the author and their work, I

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    TurtleMe did it againTo be honest I was scared of reading this I really love this saga, but knowing that the story is going to climax, I had a lot of expectations But all that worry was for nothing, this was an awesome way of starting the new and probably final arc, the flow was very comfortable with comedy, drama and love, also explaining new things, people and some secrets We have a lot of story to read, this is just starting

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    After the first book, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of finesse and rampant errors in spelling and grammar The story and insight in what it could be drove me to continue the series There are still times when it seems something is made up on the fly, cut the way it transitions itself into the story seems muchorganic Spelling and grammar have improved dramatically, thus allowing the narrative to unfold in a delightful way.

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    Great StoryArthur spendstime getting a better hold on things uncovering spies training the elements even unlocking a new power He meets new people that are eccentric and captivating Keep in mind this Series is much like a light novel format So it may not be for everyone but I m the kind that like a good long story filled action magic and mystories

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    The suspense is killing me While I can t say that this is the best book in the series, it kept me enthralled the entire time.The books in this series have kept my attention like no other series ever has, and they always end with me excited to find out what is going to happen next.I m looking forward to the 7th installment, and I am dropping with antici pation.

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    About a third of this book was taken up by various training, during which the plot failed to advance.Also, it really irritated me when he deliberately entered into a tap with a traitor at his side against a stronger foe How does that make any sense Survival No problem with deus ex machina.My enthusiasm is starting to wane.

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