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The Time of Jacob's Trouble A Moving, Fast Paced Account Of The End Times Publisher S Weekly A Typical Day At Work Turns Into A Nightmare For Emma Grady When Her Favorite Patient And Several Colleagues Vanish In Front Of Her Fear Turns To Chaos As Emma Begins The Frantic Race From Brooklyn To Queens, Anxious To Discover If Her Boyfriend Is Safe Subways Are Closed, Graves Are Open, And Countless People Have Inexplicably Disappeared Mayhem Erupts As Terror Grips The Residents Of New York City What Could Make So Many Vanish In A Moment And Not Just In New York, But All Over The Globe Emma Wonders If This Is The Predicted End Of The World And Begins A Desperate Search For Answers This Page Turning Story Will Take You On A Riveting Journey From New York City To Israel, And In The Final Chapters, Donna Turns To The Pages Of The Bible, Where You Ll Learn That God Has Made Known To Us The End From The Beginning, And That Things Aren T Spiraling Downward But Are Actually Looking Up The Bestselling Author Of The Christmas Shoes Now Explores A Future World Facing Its Final Days In The Time Of Jacob S Trouble, Weaving End Times Prophecies Into The Lives Of Emma And Her Friends As They Struggle To Survive And Come Face To Face With The Chilling Truth About The Disappearances

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    Let me brutally honest here this is not a novel It is a biblical exploration of the end of times with an exceptionally weak narrative to try to pull it together The characters are two dimensional cut outs, the events are implausible at best even taking into account the revel

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    I received an advanced reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.Unfortunately I didn t really enjoy this book as it was too scriptured for me If you are very religious you will probably really enjoy this book I found the ch

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    I must be completely honest here I did not care for this book at all It didn t even read like a novel The characters seemed like paper dolls with no real life And 36% of the book was VanLiere s notes and scripture that went nowhere I have always enjoyed her books but this was absolutely

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    I enjoyed reading this book I found parts of it quite sad Looking for loved ones and trying to get in touch during a major catastrophe is heartbreaking Though this book is essentially about Jesus and The Rapture I think it s also a good mystery book Whether you have Faith or not it s a very g

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    I noticed a lot reviewers didn t care for this book but I am the exception I did like it and am interested in seeing how these future books play out It does make you think Thanks to Netgalley for the early copy

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    The story about those left behind after the rapture isn t new and it s not even remarkably gripping Their conversions are sudden and they re running through the whole bible within a few days There s a lot of telling instead of showing.It is obvious that the purpose of this book isn t to tell a gripping s

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    Emma Grady is with a patient in her Physical Therapy office in New York when her patient suddenly vanishes before her Elliott Hirsch, a Jewish young man in New York, is in a cemetery attending a funeral when he hears a loud explosion and witnesses graves open and urns overturn, all empty of their contents Dr Z

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    It was all but unputdownable Only the circumstances of life enabled me to set it aside, and I finished it just an hour or so ago.Not knowing the book s format until completing chapter 4, I hadn t realized the book was 2 3 fiction and 1 3 Bible teaching by a learned scholar of Biblical prophecy The novel is a fiction

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    It is to be noted that there are two parts to this book, a novel, and a study guide PART I The NovelIn the spirit of the Left Behind series and with a touch of Joel C Rosenberg, The Time of Jacob s Trouble is a story of upheaval and confusion, with millions missing and a world on the brink of war this book could have had

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    Set in New York and Israel at the time of the Rapture, seen from the eyes of a few different people who were not taken There is much confusion as people try to sort out what has happened One of the characters is in a cemetery and sees the graves around him burst open, the person being buried disappears Others have people they k

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