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We Died in Water This Is A Memoir That Faces How Every Love Story Reflects The One Before It Like Waves, People Crash Into Each Other Before Pulling Back I Have Always Known This Kind Of Breaking First, My Father Left My Mother And, In The Same Way, Someone Left Me I Have Felt This Flux Endlessly A Shattering A Sameness Then, Loving You Changed Everything.WE DIED IN WATER Is Nonlinear And Poetic, Insisting That The Act Of Recollection Puts One S Heart In A Prism, A Place Of Distortion And Vivid Beauty As It Ebbs And Deepens As The Ocean Does, A Kaleidoscope Of Memories Shift To Express The Same Losses From Infinite Positions, Every One Different And Newly Devastating A Breathtaking Reverie On The Chaos Of Symmetry, It Becomes Something To Return To Again And Again.

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    A powerful and healing read The kind of book I ll read again and again as my heart needs it It hit so close to home It allowed me to reflect a lot on my past relationships current one and the difference between them I cried all th

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    We Died In Water is like nothing I have read before yet something I have always needed From someone who has lost love and found it again, I relate all too well to what Meg Flores was portraying Her pain was my pain and her found love left m

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    Thank you for opening your heart to my book and holding it close as it meets the world Writing my memoir was like losing love all over again, and keeping some for myself So, it means everything to me to be a part of whatever you re feeling now I ofte

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    WE DIED IN WATER is so beautifully written Meg Flores truly knows how to keep a reader locked in It s one of those books that everyone who has experienced heartbreak and love can relate too The kind you read all in a weekend because you can t put it down I fel

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    Superb and Stunning Meg Flores emotional writing style ebbs and flows like the ocean pulling you in for deeper meaning at times I couldn t even see the words on the pages because my eyes were filled with tears Heartfelt and cathartic if you have ever lost in love yet ho

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    Mesmerizing and achingly familiar We Died in Water weaves poetry and discernment into memoir, resonating and staying with you long after you ve read the words In this book, Meg Flores explores love the way you lose it and the way it returns like the ocean and its waves Honest and

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    but, maybe i imagined than i felt this is what being left was like, a fixation on the nonexistence of things, of oneself i wanted to know what he knew of his own heart, but i wouldn t have listened when i m sad i don t want to hear anything real there is only one letter between love and l

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    WE DIED IN WATER is wonderfully poetic and enlivening to the senses Meg s words have reflected a part of my own life, they have touched a place in me that still stirs with grief, a grief that has been rising to meet a love I am learning to believe in Nearly impossible not to read in one sitting, thi

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    Meg Flores puts the words to all the feelings we have but don t know how to express Her writing is poetry in motion Suffering takes on a beauty of the ebb and flow of the ocean I found myself deeply affected by her words Can t wait for next book by this author.

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    Meg Flores writes beautiful poems of living in a progression that shows her talent and shares her experience I recommend We Died in Water for lovers of verse, poetry, and literary reads I especially liked the poet s use of individual verses to build on one another.

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