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The Girl He Used to Know What If You Had A Second Chance At First Love Annika Rose Likes Being Alone She Feels Lost In Social Situations, Saying The Wrong Thing Or Acting The Wrong Way She Just Can T Read People She Prefers The Quiet Solitude Of Books Or Playing Chess To Being Around Others Apart From Jonathan She Liked Being Around Him, But She Hasn T Seen Him For Ten Years Until Now That Is And She S Not Sure He Ll Want To See Her Again After What Happened All Those Years AgoAnnika Rose Likes Being Alone Except That, Actually, She Doesn T Like Being Alone At All The Girl He Used To Know Is An Uplifting Novel Full Of Surprising Revelations That Keep You Turning The Page Perfect For Fans Of Jojo Moyes, Gail Honeyman, Jill Santopolo And Sliding Doors

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    Clearly this is a testament to how shallow I am because I ve never been tempted by this author s books before when the covers featured photographs of women staring at the horizon, but give me an arty hipster cover and I m all for it It was a mistake, obviously.I could tell you that this book bored me, that the characters had no chemistry, that it was all telling and no showing, that the writing was robotic even i

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    Are you going to kiss me He laughed I was planning on it, yes Okay I m ready While I enjoyed witnessing this story unfold and truly appreciate how Graves approached certain themes within this book, my true determination to reach the last page was because of the beautiful flower we meet called Annika Rose _______________ Romance While yes, this is a romance novel filled with all the kisses and warm moments you d want in one

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    Sweet read about first love, heartbreak, and second chancesAnnika and Jonathan first met while in college in 1991 Annika, awkward, shy, and socially inept, has trouble connecting people She is on the spectrum, but it is 1991 and Autism was not a common diagnosis Annika struggles during her time as an undergraduate She has one close friend and spends a lot of her time in solitude When she is partnered up with Jonathan during a chess

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    4.5 Stars My reviews can also be seen at I REALLY enjoyed this novel.

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    It is such a wonderful feeling when you read a book and you fall in love with the characters Sure, many books have enjoyable characters but it s not often you get to meet someone special I absolutely adored Annika She shares some similarities with another character in a book I read recently, but while that book was an okay read, this one truly captured my heart Back in the early 1990s, Annika and Johnathan were seniors at the University of Illinois Ann

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    4 Undeniably Unique StarsI was beyond thrilled to have received an ARC for this book having loved every single, solitary word of On The Island Once again, Ms Graves writing skills transports you to an alternate universe of uniqueness Honest to goodness, if you are looking for a romance which is a far cry from the usual, this author fills the bill I couldn t have beenengrossed if I tried.We meet two individuals whom I immediately fell in love and connected with T

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    When past mistakes make you into a stronger individual, for the sake of wanting the one true person that makes you better, that s what this compelling romance does to the wonderful characters Never have read this author before, so you should all know that I am very sensitive when it comes down to new authors, especially authors in which come from a line of very little known romance that I have heard or read from But to my surprise, this novel did not upset me in any sort

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    At its coreThe Girl He Used to Know is a story of love, acceptance and second chances.Annika and Jonathan come face to face in a grocery storeafter 10 years The two were college sweethearts and it is instantly apparent that the connection they shared is alive and well even after years of absence Annika and Jonathan s love story was heartwarming, endearing and unique I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold through the dual timelines both for the first time in 1991 and the secon

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    my first ARC for 2019 and i honestly couldnt have hoped for a better book maybe its just because my past week or so has been very fantasy heavy, but i really needed this sweet contemporary romance.i have never read a second chance at first love story that i didnt enjoy, and this is no exception this story is rather simple the writing is fairly basic and when it comes to annika and jonathan, there isnt really much that happens in regards to a plot this is just a story about two people who c m

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    Wow, wow, WOW This book was amazing It s like everyone around you has a copy of the script of life, but no one gave it to you so you have to go in blind and hope you can muddle your way through And you ll be wrong most of the time Annika Rose is different from other people She s muchcomfortable with solitude, and would much rather be in the company of animals, hiding under her comforter and reading a book, or getting lost in a competitive game of chess than spending time with her fell Wow, wow, WOW Th

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