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Precious Cargo Charlie Noble, former Coast Guard officer turned marine PI, is back This time, he is hot on the trail of a human trafficking scheme that begins in Mexico and ends in murder Still reeling from the untimely death of his wife, Charlie begins to warm to the idea of a second chance at true love with new girlfriend Kate Sullivan These plans are quickly docked when boating friends Marvin and Angela Baynes come to him with a horrifying discovery the body of an unidentified young woman impaled on the flukes of their boat anchor The Bayneses themselves lost a child years ago No stranger to loss, Charlie finds it impossible not to help them even though it could mean putting his new romance in jeopardy Charlie enlists a friend, Raven, a Native American salvage diver Together, the pair plunge beneath the waters of Puget Sound to seek out any clues about the identity of the dead woman and how she wound up there But they find bodies instead all young, all female, all Hispanic Soon Charlie finds himself navigating a course that leads him through the choppy waters of transporting human cargo, and right into the seedy underworld of the Northwest s sex trade With its fresh, nautical flavor, riveting mystery, and incredible depth of humanity, Precious Cargo is a winner from Clyde Ford that is truly unique and compulsively readable While reading Precious Cargo, you can go online to the book s website, clydeford onscenepx, click on any place name from the book and fly there with Google Earth Once there, you can have any number of multimedia, interactive experiences listen to the author read from the book, watch a video interview featuring Clyde, learn about the locations, and even see live webcam footage

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    A couple of boating friends finds a dead body impaled on their anchor, and hire Pi Charlie Noble to find out who it is He starts poking around, and finds a bunch of other dead bodies, and human trafficking.Not bad, but not memorable.

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    There s a new, at least to me, dimension on the block now Author, Clyde Ford, mentioned that he had hooked up his book to Google Earth 3D Not only that, but you here him reading the book too at least with IE7 I didn t get everything to work with Firefox 3 or IE8 beta Wow It s awesome.His book is a m

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    I enjoyed this book.However general readers be warned I am particularly biased a I know the author and his passion for boating comes through on the printed page, and it added to my enjoyment of the workb This book is set in Bellingham, WA where I live as does the author So the settings and locations pop

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    Maritime murder mystery out of Bellingham and in the northwest waters Writer gets how to make it an easy read and page turner The Who done it wasn t what I expected in the end Great read Found this on my shelf and didn t know I had it Was great to fill stay at home order time.

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    A contender for Canada Reads 2018, this book is an extraordinary, true tale by author Craig Davidson The story follows his year driving the short bus, and chronicles how his evolving relationship with these special needs children changed his own life.

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    Imagine being on a fishing expedition with your sweetheart on a peaceful stretch of the Strait of Juan de Fuca When you are done with the joys of the evening and lift the anchor, the dead body of a woman is impaled on the flukes of the anchor.What would you do Clyde Ford called Charlie Noble, a former Coast Guard o

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    African American Charlie Noble loves his boat The Noble Lady as well as his lady friend Kate He is hired by Marvin and Angela who pull up an unwanted lady from the bottom of the seabed Having lost their own daughter they ask Charlie to investigate and find out how this lady came to be there Charlie takes on the challen

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    Precious cargo, the story started off just right, the dead body being found hooked on a neighbors anchor The neighbors asking Charlie Noble to find out whom she was and why was she killed, the investigation into the mystery even started off right but then Clyde Ford went off into the Noble Lady, I think he put too much eff

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    I first met Clyde Ford at SeaBreeze Bookstore in San Diego in 2007 We were both on a book signing tour and traded books Clyde writes a nautical mystery series set in the Northwest, where I write about Mexico and Southern California He writes well, his characters are believable, and his descriptions of life in the boating commu

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    I find the idea behind this book interesting human trafficking However, the writing was very amateurish and the dialogue seemed forced, not natural It was a decent read if you have nothing else to read at the moment.

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About the Author: Clyde W. Ford

Clyde W Ford is a software engineer, a chiropractor, and a psychotherapist He s also the award winning author of twelve works of fiction and non fiction, whose most recent book, THINK BLACK A Memoir will be published in September 2019 by Amistad HarperCollins.Clyde W Ford earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Mathematics from Wesleyan University in 1971, then worked as a systems engineer for IBM In 1977, he returned to school, enrolling at Western States University in Portland, Oregon, where he completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic Later, he undertook post doctoral training in psychotherapy at the Synthesis Education Foundation of Massachusetts, under the direction of Steven Schatz, and the Psychosynthesis Institute of New York Ford was in private practice as a chiropractor and psychotherapist, first in Richmond, Virginia, and later in Bellingham, Washington.At sixteen, Ford traveled to West Africa in the wake of Martin Luther King s assassination, attempting to come to terms with the tragedy The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported, The young man traveled alone that summer to the Elmina slave portal, on the continent s west coast, and heard voices in a mystical experience that permanently marked him Looking back on the eventthan 20 years later, Ford told the Plain Dealer, The meaning of my own life is based in the meaning of those who have gone before The ancestors are there, still informing, still influencing us BODY MIND HEALINGIn the late 1980s and early 1990s, Clyde wrote about body mind healing in the mid 1990s he concentrated on the healing of racial wounds and in 2000, he wrote about mythology, and how myths could heal psychic wounds Besides exploring healing issues in books and on the lecture circuit, he has conducted seminars and written numerous articles for Massage Magazine, Massage Therapy Journal, and Chiropractic Economics In 1991 East West Magazine recognized Ford s work in somatic therapy as one of the 20 trends reshaping society Linda Elliot and Mark Mayell in East West Magazine described Ford as an engineer who s building a bridge across the chasm that separates practitioners who focus only on body structures and those who concentrate specifically on the psyche From 1992 to 1996 Ford regularly taught somatic psychology at the Institut fur Angewandte Kinesiologie in Freiburg, Germany.In 1989 Ford wrote his first book, Where Healing Waters Meet, about his many years of experience working with the healing of emotional wounds through touch and movement therapy, rather than talk therapy That was followed in 1993 by Compassionate Touch, a book which amplified these themes and documented Ford s work with adult survivors of sexual abuse, mainly women.RACIAL HEALINGThe riots and racial divisiveness in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict in 1992 left Ford feeling frustrated After speaking to a number of friends who shared his frustration, he decided to write a book about social justice and racial healing When we re dealing with an issue like racism, Ford told Karen Abbott in the Rocky Mountain News, So many people feel it s a daunting issue and that they can t do anything A certain paralysis sets in But anybody and everybody can make a difference While Ford remained optimistic, he also admitted that the roots of racial discord run deep It s really not just African American s place to deal with that, he told Linda Richards in January Magazine We have in our history our own reckoning with that process But the entire society needs to reckon with that In 1994 Ford completed We Can All Get Along 50 Steps You Can Take to Help End Racism Racism is a social issue, Ford told Cynthia M Hodnett in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel It is important to look beneath the surface to find out what the issues are that need to be addressed Ford realized that many people were

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