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Winter World Longlisted for theWilbur Smith Award for best published novel In the near future, a new ice age has begunHumanity stands on the brink of extinctionDesperate for answers, scientists send probes into the solar system to take readings Near Mars, a probe spots a mysterious object drifting toward the Sun Is it the cause of the ice age Or could it be our only hope of survival With time running out, NASA launches an international mission to make contact with the object But it isn t what anyone thought In the dark of space, alone, the team makes a shocking discovery that will change the course of human history and possibly end itFrom AG Riddle, the Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with over FOUR MILLION copies sold worldwide, comes a sci fi thriller that will forever change the way you look at Earth s place in the solar system and humanity s futureRead now and begin the journeySelected Praise for AG Riddle reads like a superior collaboration between Dan Brown and Michael Crichton The Guardian on Pandemic I finished the book fast because I just couldn t wait WIRED GeekDad on Departure Riddle keep s the focus on his characters rather than the technological marvels Publisher s Weekly on DepartureAn Extended Look At Winter WorldEach month, Earth grows colder Snow falls in summer Glaciers trample cities across North America, Europe, and Asia The new ice age shows no signs of stoppingChaos erupts Around the world, people abandon their homes and flock to regions where they can survive Nations prepare to go to war for the world s last habitable zonesScientific organizations search the cause of the new ice age They send probes into the solar system to collect readings Near Mars, one of the probes finds a mysterious object, drifting toward the sun Is it responsible for the new ice age And if so, can we stop it Or is the artifact merely an observer Or neither Could it be a relic from a long extinct civilization One thing is certain investigating the artifact is humanity s best hope of survivalAs the ice age claims lives and the world slides into anarchy, an international consortium launches a mission into space to study the object and make contact But the first contact mission doesn t go as planned What the crew discovers out there is beyond anyone s imaginationTwo members of the first contact mission may hold the keys to humanity s salvationDr Emma Matthews is the commander aboard the International Space Station For months, she has watched the world below freeze and civilization unravel The headlines tell only half of the story The messages from her sister tell the rest, of a world witnessing mass migrations, fighting for survival, struggling to provide a future for their children When a catastrophe strikes the ISS, Emma faces her own fight for survivalDr James Sinclair is one of the greatest scientists alive A mind before his time Years ago, he invented something with the potential to change the world an invention that would upset the balance of power in the world forever Fearing that change, his enemies sent him to prison for a crime he didn t commit But with humanity s future at stake, NASA asks him to join the first contact mission His expertise is vital to the mission s success and to saving Emma With the clock ticking down to humanity s final days on Earth, James makes a decision that will change his life forever and may determine the fate of the entire human race

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    Written like a screenplay, all talking heads with no chemistry between the characters I m not going to believe that the two main characters are falling in love just because the author tells me they are The male MC is a total Mary Sue too He received his doctorate in biochem on the same day as he got one in medicine He can analyze people better than a psychiatrist His only flaw is that he thinks people ar

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    Very meh It felt like an attempt to cross Enders Game with the Martian, but it fell flat I honestly can t even remember anyone s names from the novel only a few weeks past reading it The two main characters are a male who is a super genius, and ends up being a great leader, statistician, public speaker, and overall a Mary Sue coupled with a female who is an astronaut and crew leader but ends up being nothingt

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    I m aware I m odd woman outI don t want to be I want to be in the group of A.G Riddle lovers It s not Riddle, it s me, and that s obvious by the author s hordes of fans.My first A.G Riddle so I have no connection to Riddle, no fond memories of previous books, and am out of my lane As many sci fi movies that I watch, one would think I d like sci fi books, but not so I ve read several sci fi novels this year that we

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    Even though I can t understand how this book has such a high average rating, I have to acknowledge that and recognise that different books appeal to different readers.The problem for me is not the genre.But if you are analytical by nature and enjoy the logical puzzles posed by mystery and detective books, you will find Winter World so full of holes that the biggest challenge will be to finish the book.

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    Not an enjoyable read, and quite poorly written I felt like I was forcing myself to finish the latter third of the book just so I could move on to reading something else as quickly as possible I doubt any other book includes the word drone quite as many times as this one either The book is presented through two main characters, a Male know it all with apparently no flaws, and a female astronaut I agree with many of the othe

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    I knew I d love this and I did A compelling apocalyptic tale, set half on a freezing Earth and the other half in space on the trail of mysterious alien artefacts Perfect premise, although occasionally a little confused during the moments of extreme action There will be a book 2, I believe, but Winter World ends completely satisfactorily 4 4.5 stars Review to follow on For Winter Nights.

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    In a startling about face it looks like I am the odd one out for actually liking this book even though it rated quite highly After our months of fires, heatwaves and years of drought I found this story, set in the very near future, about the earth facing a sudden ice age and thought it would make a nice change I really didn t know what to expect and found myself fully immersed in ta da, science fiction This is not a genre I read wide

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    This is a good book, but it didn t stay with me When I d first finished it I was planning to grab the next one, but it faded quickly.The world is not just cooling, it s freezing and soon we ll all bewell, kaput Humanity will be gone, a thing of the past, no longer viable, dead, cold meat, frozen cold cuts Then of course the said humans discover that for some reason while the sun s output hasn t diminished for some reason the heat reaching

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    I really enjoyed this one It has the making of a Hollywood blockbuster I kept seeing the movie in my mind as I was listening to the audiobook It follows two astronauts, Emma and James as they attempt to save the world and discover what is bringing about a new ice age.Winter WorldI thought it was great, lots of action, adventure, and romance Ok so I didn t like the romance so much I thought it was extremely corny But overall it was a great book

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    So, I m a self professed fan of post apocalyptic lit, but I prefer it without zombies, monsters or nerdy elements that make me feel like an outsider I was surprised, then, to find that I actually LOVED this book, in spite of the sometimes lengthy intellectual passages that explicated aspects of astronomy and space travel What impressed me most was the character development Author A.G Riddle has breathed life into a variety of personas, each unique,

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