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As They Spoke to Me Beyond The Physical Realm, There Are Spirits Waiting For The Mist To Rise, Leaves To Fall And Sun To Set When The Autumn Leaves Start To Fall And The Night Is Silent, There Are Whispering In The Woods There Is A World Running Parallel To Our Realm, Where Time Has No Role To Play The Darkness Rules Over The Light The World Of Those Who Had Once Lived Among Us Before Crossing The Veil The Stories In The Book Are The Untold Tales Of Those Who Belong To The Other Side Of The Life It Is A Wiccan S Grimoire The Book Of Shadows Of A Witch.

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    As they spoke to me is a collection of short stories based on the author s real life experience with the spirits The author explains how the spirit world and human world co exist and also how the spirits struggle to make the humans feel their presence These stories are a result of the author s research about the spirits.Blurb 3.

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