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Scandal and Miss Smith There sthan a hint of Heyer in Scandal, which features a bossy governess and an alpha male with a pack of troublesome wards Though the heroine can be a bit of a ninny, she s well balanced by a gruff, possessive hero who wants to take care of her There s a very sweet sex scene at the end which is almost worth the price of the book Very enjoyable trad. First publishedKindle editionAfter two years as governess to the youngest members of the Deverell family, Miss Phoebe Smith is at her wit s end If she is not to end up in Bedlam, Lord Deverell, guardian to her orphaned charges, will have to take control Unfortunately, she hasn t taken into account Deverell s total lack of proper family feeling At their first meeting, not only does he mistake her for a barque of frailty, he refuses to accept her resignation Sebastian, Lord Deverell, has returned to England to resume his place in Polite Society He has no intention of involving himself in the lives of his family after they banished him fifteen years ago But when Miss Phoebe Smith turns up, threatening to dump his three teenaged wards on his hands, he doesn t have much choice He can t pursue her if she vanishes from his life Phoebe agrees to stay, but as Deverell s wards involve them in one potential disaster after another, her reasons for staying start to worry her It s no use dreaming about becoming Deverell s wife she is totally ineligible for the position but becoming his mistress would be a worse disaster than anything his wards can think up Simple, Interesting read Loved heroine and misunderstandings which is is good. There s nothing of great literary merit here, but it was so much fun to watch the principals spar that I just had to give it 4 stars.

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Julia Byrne lives in Australia with her husband, daughter and two overgrown cats She started her working career as a secretary, taught ballroom dancing after several successful years as a competitor, and presently works part time in the history department of a Melbourne university She enjoys reading, tapestry and playing mah jong.

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