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A Thief of Time At A Moonlit Indian Ruin Where Thieves Of Time Ravage Sacred Ground In The Name Of Profit A Noted Anthropologist Vanishes While On The Verge Of Making A Startling, History Altering Discovery At An Ancient Burial Site, Amid Stolen Goods And Desecrated Bones, Two Corpses Are Discovered, Shot By Bullets Fitting The Gun Of The Missing ScientistThere Are Modern Mysteries Buried In Despoiled Ancient Places And As Blood Flows All Too Freely, Navajo Tribal Policemen Joe Leaphorn And Jim Chee Must Plunge Into The Past To Unearth An Astonishing Truth And A Cold Hearted Killer

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    Visiting Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee in the pages of a Hillerman mystery is the next best thing to sleeping under the stars in Navajo country, wondering if there is magic in the sky above.A Thief of Time has atmosphere to spare, and a complex plot Leaphorn and Chee are also fleshed outthan usual in this terrific entr

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    It wasn t the sort of friendship that needed answers.This was a great Hillerman novel, I really enjoyed it.This is the second book where Leaphorn and Chee are teaming up to solve a mystery Both are going through some problems.Leaphorn is struggling to deal with view spoiler the death of his beloved wife, Emma hide spoiler T

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    Tony Hillerman s mystery series set in the Navajo Nation includes 18 books written by him over 4 decades I used to read these with my Mom who was born in New Mexico and raised in the Southwest U.S so they have special interest for us It s many, many years since I ve read one of these old school mysteries and I loved returning to them

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    As a New Yorker born and bred, a city girl through and through, the only Native American settlements that have ever appealed to me are these Nice location, I always think Sunny in winter, shaded in summer, this spacious apt has great views Exclusive gated development convenient to community gardens, grocery stores, schools, houses of worship, c

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    Quite simply, I loved it Tony Hillerman moves me with his ability to write authentic characters that I can connect with and to transport me to a cultural landscape that expands my experience.

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    An archaeologist goes missing, and Leaphorn looks for her Chee looks for stolen county equipment It all comes down to artifacts.I didn t find this one as good as some of the others I ve read in the series.

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    Navajo policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee are working on two separate cases that merge in this excellent story Leaphorn is looking for a missing woman and Chee is looking for a murderer Hillerman does a very good job of explaining relevant Navajo traditions This is a solid 4 out of 5 stars book.

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    I am starting to enjoy this seriesas Leaphorn and Chee are beginning to work together in a way I like.

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    Loved all Hillerman books with Leaphorn and Chee.

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    The Thief of time is a beautifully written and observed piece It is thriller, mystery, life, saga and page turner Jim Chee is set on detecting just who has stolen the flat bed truck from the police depot a theft that seems to beabout buck passing within the force rather than detection While he is supposed to be watching a back hoe is stolen from the depot Meantime Joe Leaphorn, only days away from retir

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