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Twenty Meg May Have Just 20 Days Left To Live, But As She Sets Her Life In Order, She Re Discovers The Warmth Of Family, The Surprise Of Romance, The Healing Power Of Letting Go And The Pure Joy Of Being Twenty Explores Many Of The Themes On The Minds Of Women In Midlife The World Weariness Of Past Hurts And Losses, A Lack Of Passion About What Lies Ahead, Spiritual Crisis But Also The Strength To Be Drawn From Family And Friends, Romantic Love In The Last Half Of Life, The Ever Possible Chance For Renewal From Deep Despair To Perfect Equanimity, With Lots Of Lovely, Moving Moments, This Novel Is A Parable For Empty Nesters.

About the Author: Debra Landwehr Engle

I grew up loving books Some of my earliest memories are of trips to the grand old library in downtown Des Moines, where we d pull book after book off the shelves in the children s section and carry them home with great anticipation I still remember the feel of those books, and the smell of the pages and bindings that had been loosened and wrinkled by so many readers who loved the books as much a

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