Don't Just Send a Resume: How to Find the Right Job in a

Don't Just Send a Resume: How to Find the Right Job in a Local Church When God says, Follow me, do you know how If you work in Christian ministry, it s likely that at some point in your career God will call you from one church to another Do you know how to make this transition effectively Moving can be scary and full of questions Where do I start the job search process Which people do I talk with, and what do I send to them How do I know if my family and I will fit in at a new church And how do I tell people I m leaving This book is intended to help you answer those questions so that the hiring process goes well And when the hiring process does go well, a lot of pain can be avoided for the pastor and the churchWhat we pastors need is solid coaching that is theologically informed and practically oriented We need to know how the gospel empowers us to interview with both humility and confidence We need anecdotes from real hiring processes, and we need detailed strategies for every step of the way, so we can transition with excellence, protect our families, respect the church, and honor GodDon t Just Send a Resume also features short contributions bypublished authors and ministry leaders, including Chris Brauns, Cara Croft, Dave Harvey, David Mathis, J A Medders, Sam Rainer, Chase Replogle, William Vanderbloemen, Kristen Wetherell, Jared C Wilson, and Jeremy WritebolAbout the AuthorBenjamin Vrbicek MDiv Covenant Theological Seminary is a teaching pastor at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, PA Benjamin and his wife, Brooke, have six children He blogs regularly and has written for Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, and For The Church He is the author of Struggle Against Porn and coauthor of More People to LoveEndorsements Filled with wise advice and practical tips I highly recommend it Kevin Kompelien, President of the Evangelical Free Church of America I use this book in my seminary course on candidating Joel D Hathaway, Covenant Theological Seminary and author of Finding a Pastor I see a great need for Benjamin s book There is nothing else like it Timothy Brindle, hip hop recording artist and admissions counselor, Westminster Theological Seminary I love the overall gospel foundation and the practical focus that stems out of it Gavin Ortlund, pastor and author Pick up Benjamin s book, read it, and profit from his hard won wisdom Alex Duke, editor for Marks A must read for future seminary graduates or transitioning pastors Jen Oshman, former overseas missionary, pastor s wife, and author Practical, wise, and well written, I don t know of any other book as valuable during your transitions Chase Replogle, pastor and host of the Pastor Writer podcast This book will give you biblical guidance and will also build up your soul Jeff Robinson, pastor, author, and editor for The Gospel Coalition This book is refreshingly practical and ministry specific all meat, no grizzle Kyle Rohane, editor for CTPastors and BuildingChurchLeaders

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    4.5 Really well executed with countless practical tips.

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    Don t Just Send a Resume is a gift for those starting out in pastoral ministry It will not only answer how to questions about searching for a ministry position, but it will also help you do so with the right expectations and the right heart I can see readers reaching for this valuable resource throughout the entire job search process I wish I read this book as a semi

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    Anyone looking for a job in a local church will want to read this book, and all of us who already have found one will wish we had it back then With his happy, humorous, and friendly writer s voice, Benjamin Vrbicek deftly blends the relevant theological truths with truly helpful tips for making the most of the search process from the candidate s end I keep giving away

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    This book is excellent in describing what a pastoral candidate needs to do to prepare application materials for pastoral positions Vrbicek offers lots of great advice in the entire process, and he includes a list of 100 questions for a pastoral candidate to ask a church I highly recommend this book

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    This is an indispensable resource It should be required reading in every seminary program, or at least recommended.

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    An incredibly helpful book from a lot of different angles, not just applying for church jobs I will be revisiting this often.

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    Benjamin Vrbicek writes Don t Just Send a Resume for a very specific audience those looking for a job in vocational ministry Not only does Vrbicek succeed in writing the best book I know of on that topic it s a must have for anyone look for a ministry job but he s created a book with muchvalue than that.Vrbicek begins by setting the theological foundation for his project,

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