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The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone Part Mystery, Part Coming Of Age Story, The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone Is Set In A Distant Suburb On The Encroaching Bushland, Over The Long Hot Summer Of 1992 It S The Summer Of The School S Showstopper Concert The Summer Tikka Never Forgot The Summer The Van Apfel Sisters Disappeared Blackly Comic, Sharply Observed And Wonderfully Endearing We Lost All Three Girls That Summer Let Them Slip Away Like The Words Of Some Half Remembered Song And When One Came Back, She Wasn T The One We Were Trying To Recall To Begin With Tikka Molloy Was Eleven And One Sixth Years Old During The Long Hot Summer Of 1992 The Summer The Van Apfel Sisters Disappeared Hannah, Beautiful Cordelia And Ruth Vanished During The Night Of The School S Showstopper Concert At The Amphitheatre By The River, Surrounded By Encroaching Bushland.Now, Years Later, Tikka Has Returned Home To Try And Make Sense Of The Summer That Shaped Her, And The Girls That She Never Forgot.Blackly Comic, Sharply Observed And Wonderfully Endearing, This Is Picnic At Hanging Rock For A New Generation, A Haunting Coming Of Age Story With A Shimmering, Unexplained Mystery At Its Heart.

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    look who came all the way from australia and braved a biblical downpour just to sign books for our book club They had six femurs, ninety nine vertebrae, three skulls and thirty fingernails Six kneecaps, forty eight carpal bones, and than three million strands of blonde hair, all tinged alien green by the chlorine in their pool which, up

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    3.5 Stars The Van Apfel girls grew up with an extremely strict religious father.Tikka Molloy can t forget the summer of 1992 It was the summer that the Van Apfel sisters disappeared, all three of them The story is set in Australia, in an eerie river valley suburb with an awful unexplained smell The night of the Showstopper concert by the river

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    My initial impression of this book was quirky Tikka returns home from Balti to the suburbs outside Sidney, Australia The trip brings on an onslaught of memories from the year she s 11, the year her neighborhood friends, three sisters, disappear And what s apparent and obvious to an adult is not to an eleven year old So her impressions are just a ta

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    This was a different sort of mystery crossed with coming of age, and I loved it Tikka Malloy s playmates, the Van Apfel sisters, disappeared when she was eleven years old It s a mystery haunting her and her sister, Laura, for years Ruth, Hannah, and Cordelia have harsh, religious parents, and it s never been known if they ran away or were taken Tikka ha

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    To me, this darkly themed story had a slight literary fiction feel, and I don t love that genre In saying that, I was okay with it Set in the early 1990 s, this tale of three sisters who simply go missing on the night of the school concert, leaves the reader with a lot of pondering to do Full of Aussie colloquialisms, and extremely well told, we witness the

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    This book is so rich and lush in atmosphere I could feel the heat wave of this Australian summer as the hot sun kissed my skin I could hear the birds chirping and the insects buzzing and I almost felt as if I was walking hand in hand with Tikka as she told me the story about the Van Apfel girls We lost all three girls that summer Let them slip away like the w

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    The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone is well written, easy to read, easily devoured in an afternoon It s slick, but conventional it s too easy to see the film adaptation playing out in your head Set mostly in 1992, there s plenty of nostalgia for Gen X Aussies sunnyboys by the pool a slumber party complete with half arsed s ance hearing about the Azaria Chamberlain

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    Then she said the words I d been waiting to hear Don t you know The Van Apfel girls are gone Felicity McLean may have just released her first debut novel, but she is no stranger to the written word She has carved out a career as a respected ghost writer, a children s book author and a journalist This previous experience has put McLean in good standing The Van Apfel Girls a

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    Tikka returns to Australia, from her new life in Balti, as her sister, Laura, has cancer Returning home triggers all sorts of memories and, for Tikka, it throws her back twenty years, to when she was eleven and Laura was fourteen Their neighbours were the Van Apfel girls Hannah, who was Laura s confidante, thirteen year old Cordelia, who Tikka looked up to, and six year old Rut

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    I can t put my finger on the why of it, but this book took me forever to finish The I read, the I appreciated the skill with which the author crafted the childhood summer slowly rolling along and the intricacies of the relationships between the girls, who were neighbors and friends Those atmospheric entities felt like characters in this hazy, out of reach mystery that might make y

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