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Tell Me Everything A Murder At An Elite New England College Tears Apart A Group Of Friends And One Of Them Is Playing A Dangerous Game In This Electrifying Debut In The Tradition Of In A Dark, Dark Wood And The Couple Next DoorIn Her First Weeks At Hawthorne College, Malin Is Swept Up Into A Tight Knit Circle That Will Stick Together Through All Four Years There S Gemma, An Insecure Theater Major From London John, A Tall, Handsome, And Wealthy New Englander Max, John S Cousin And A Shy Pre Med Major Khaled, A Wise Cracking Prince From Abu Dhabi And Ruby, A Beautiful Art History Major But Malin Isn T Quite Like The Rest Of Her Friends She S An Expert At Hiding Her Troubling Past She Acts As If She Is Concerned With The Preoccupations Of Those Around Her Boys, Partying All While Using Her Extraordinary Insight To Detect Their Deepest Vulnerabilities And WeaknessesBy Senior Day, On The Cusp Of Graduation, Malin S Secrets And Those Of Her Friends Are Revealed While She Scrambles To Maintain Her Artfully Curated Image, Her Missteps Set In Motion A Devastating Chain Of Events That Ends In A Murder And As Their Fragile Relationships Hang In The Balance And Close Alliances Start Shifting, Malin Will Test The Limits Of What She S Capable Of To Stop The Truth From Coming OutIn A Mesmerising Novel That Peels Back The Innumerable Layers Of A Seductive Protagonist, Debut Author Cambria Brockman Brings To Life An Entrancing Setting Through A Story Of Friendship, Heartbreak, And Betrayal

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    There is something imminent surrounding us, and we have no idea it s there Tomorrow morning, we will sit down for breakfast at the dining hall, as we always do, and realize one of us is gone What a pleasant surprise I had almost given up on suspenseful debuts, but this one felt worthy of my time Tell Me Everything doesn t masquerade as the next insert popular

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    I won this in a giveaway I have so many thoughts.I liked this book The writing is good, the plot moves fast, and the characters are interesting My problem with this book is that the book has nothing to do with the synopsis The blurb on the back of the book says Tell Me Everything is in the tradition of In A Dark Dark, Wood and The Couple Next Door The synopsis

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    An elite New England college, a group of friends that formed fast and close, a shocking murder that tears them apart I knew going in that Tell Me Everything was my kind of book I love books that take place on college campuses They are little microcosm of society everything always seemed heightened because it iscontained This was no exception When Malin begins s

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    Enjoyed this college mystery Not too twisty but was still a fun read.

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    Mini Review A slow burn character study with a splash of suspense Told entirely from the perspective of Malin In multiple time periods, freshman year, senior day, and A brief look into her childhood This really was a story about friendship and connections Malin is an introvert, her freshman year in college she s determined to make friends and is happy to find hers

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    A group of friends from college living together each has their own agenda whether it be dreams of wealth and grandeur, love from someone else s partner or just covering what they can t have what could possibly go wrong Tell Me Everything opens with Senior Day, where we learn nothing will ever be the same, but then we flash back to Freshman year to learn what and wh

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    3.5 5I love a mysterious book that follows a group of tight knit friends, and for bonus points this was set in a New England college town, which is always a plus for me While I did think this would be a bitthrillerish than it was I was still really into the mystery at play here and overall enjoyed this one.This is told solely from Malin s viewpoint but it does have

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    A college in New England a group of friends murder me hoping that this is the next The Secret HistoryDNF 20 n you hear that sound it s the sound of my expectations going down the drain.This novel is yet another attempt to join the edgy narrator bandwagon.The blurb will lead you to believe that this novel is similar to The Secret History and If We Were Villainswhen in

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    Oh what a lot of words to say what was said It s not BAD writing, but extreme overkill to the characters Most every aspect of every individual from the group association that cores this story has 5 or 6 times the redundant stereotype qualities within intense description, over and over again And the further into the book thethe eyes and values rose up on the pretentiou

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    Nobody knows who I am, except me What a pleasant surprise this book wasa surprise I truly wasn t expecting These days, any time I finish reading a psychological drama, and feel it was a refreshing change from the over saturated norm, I call that a win A highly atmospheric story, set in a blustery New England town, Tell Me Everything gives us a glimpse into the lives of

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