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Able The astonishing life of Australia s most inspirational athleteNot long after he was born in 1990, Dylan Alcott was found to have a tumour on his spine The surgery to remove it was successful, but left Dylan a paraplegic Part of an average Aussie family in Melbourne, Dylan experienced his fair share of bullying and loneliness growing up By early high school he was feeling pretty low depressed, overweight and fearful for his future Then, somehow, he discovered sport swimming, basketball and tennis.Fast forward 10 years or so and the Order of Australia recipient has climbed to the top of not just one sport but two, winning gold and silver at two Olympics and in two sports Now the four time winner of the Australian Open, is not only a sports star, but a motivational speaker, triple j radio host, music fan, keynote presenter, business owner, and youth mentor with his own youth foundation In Game Changer, Dylan Alcott at last tells his story. Absolutely loved this book Filled with a combination of moving and funny stories, with and underlying message of acceptance of diversity and striving to make accessibility the norm Could not put it down Dylan Alcott you are an absolute champion, and so inspiring I absolutely loved this book The audio is read by Dylan and that just enhances it all Great story of a super human being we could all learn something from his never give up attitude. I admit to having a total crush on Dylan Alcott I first heard him as a presenter on Triple J, and that is to my shame as he s an olympic gold medalist in wheelchair tennis and tennis is another of my obsessions But it s been hard enough to get women s sport into the prime time TV, to get wheelchair tennis on is harder although thank you, Channel 9, for showing this during the Aussie Open this year What I love about Dylan is his total belief that he can do anything anybody else can I disagree He does than most anybody else can Backpacking through Europe alone Gold medals in two sports Careers as a presenter, motivational speaker, charity director Crowdsurfing in his wheelchair at festivals That definitely rates a mention.Anyway, I loved this book It s written as he talks, it s entertaining, and it s bloody positive all the way. Dylan Alcott s book is so important He Is accomplished and articulate, and Able details his incredible sporting, media and music event achievements within his 20 something years As he said in his Logies speech, Growing up I deeply struggled with being in a wheelchair, and the worst thing was when I turned on the TV no one was like me One of the reasons I did hate it was when I turned on the TV, I never saw anybody like me and when I did see someone like me, it was a road safety ad where someone drink drives, has a car accident, and the next scene was someone like me whose life was over And I was like that s not my life I wanted to get a job on TV because I love sharing stories but also to show that people with disability can be talented, funny, humorous, just normal people enjoying their lives Able will help young Disabled people, particularly in the sport and media fields, see what is possible, and develop disability pride I hope that it teaches non disabled people to overcome their fears and prejudices about disabled people Able shows the struggle Dylan had with the physical aspects of his impairment, particularly as a baby which also made for a frightening start to his life for his parents But with the right support, and lots of hard work and determination, he made it both defying the expectations of doctors and the wider society, and making it as a mainstream sport and media darling Dylan s writing style is very much geared towards the youth market It was a quick, easy and interesting read My publisher gave me this book, as Dylan and I share a publisher.

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