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Stories We Never Told Psychology professor Jackie Strelitz thought she was over her ex lover and colleague, Harlan Crispin Why should she care if Harlan springs a new friend on her After all, Jackie has everything she ever wanted a loving husband and a thriving career Still, she can t help but be curious about Harlan s latest Nasira Amari is graceful, smart, and young Worse, she s the new member of Jackie s research team For five years, Harlan enforced rules limiting his relationship with Jackie With Nasira he s breaking every single one Why her Fixated by the couple, Jackie s curiosity becomes obsession But she soon learns that nothing is quite what it seems, and that to her surprise and peril she may not be the only one who can t let go

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    Sonja Yoerg is one of my very favorite authors I dive into her books now without even glancing at the blurb, as I know I will be entertained no matter what the subject One of thefun things for me is that I never know what Sonja is going to come up with next as all of her books are so different I do know some things will be constant though I can al

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    3.5 starsStories We Never Told was my first Sonja Yoerg novel, and for the most part, I was pleased with myFirst selection The writing was compelling I read most of the book yesterday afternoon , the characters came to life and jumped right off the pages, and the story was quite unlike anything I ve read before So, why the 3.5 star rating, Bridgett The

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    EXCERPT Just dinner The innocence of the phrase is deceptive, as deceptive as the dinner itself would turn out to be, as Jackie would discover ninety eight days later Dinner with friends, a table for four Dinner with people she thought she knew and loved As it turns out, no one is who she believed they were, least of all herself So much secrecy, and in its

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    2.5 Ooh, I m not sure what to say here The premise was intriguing Jackie is a psychology professor who isn t quite over her ex lover he also happens to be her colleague Awkward When he invites afriendto dinner, Jackie is far from prepared over this little surprise, questioning whether she s ready to share her ex with anyone Again, provocative premise but never d

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    Stories We Never Told is also emotional and well told with a mystery thriller at its heart Jackie is a psychology professor trying to move past her former lover and co worker, Harlan, who has a new love This new love works closely with Jackie on her research team.Jackie s previous relationship with Harlan had been limited by him, but with his one, he s truly opening

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    An inventive, intriguing and intense domestic thriller full of obsession and jealously SUMMARYPsychology professor Jackie Strelitz thinks she s over Harlan Crispin, her ex lover and colleague Why should she care if Harlan brings a new friend to dinner After all Jackie has everything she ever wanted, a loving husband and a thriving career But she can t help but be curious

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    3.5 Now I understand the mixed reviews The things said about this book from those who rated this 5 stars are true But, so are the things mentioned in the 3 star reviews The book begins with a Psychology Professor who studies Autism Jackie Strelitz and her husband, Miles, joining her colleague, and former lover, Harlan Crispin, for dinner It should ve been a pleasant evening ou

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    What happens when you Never get over your Ex Obsession, that s what Stories We Never Told is a wild tale of jealousy and obsession that runs amok for Psychology Professor Jackie Strelitz Married to Miles for the last two years, she thought she was over her ex boyfriend Harlan Crispin That is until they meet him for dinner and he invites his new girlfriend, Nasira, who just happens

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    Life is very complicated Don t try to find answers Because when you find answers, Life changes the questions.Sonja Yoerg always serves up storylines that circle around characters and situations with multiple layers and with multiple sharp edges Stories We Never Told does just that Yoerg knows full out what lies beneath the surface of day by day living It s not always what it appears to

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    I wish I would have liked this book , but I have to admit, it was a struggle for me to get through Many of my GR friends really enjoyed it though, so this may totally be a case of it s not you, it s me, but there was just something missing for me.This was my first introduction to Sonja Yoerg, and I did very much enjoy her writing style, as she crafts a detailed story, with copious facts howe

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