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The Dictator's Shadow: Life Under Augusto Pinochet Augusto Pinochet was the most important Third World dictator of the Cold War, and perhaps the most ruthless In The Dictator s Shadow, United Nations Ambassador Heraldo Mu oz takes advantage of his unmatched set of perspectives as a former revolutionary who fought the Pinochet regime, as a respected scholar, and as a diplomat to tell what this extraordinary figure meant to Chile, the United States, and the worldPinochet s American backers saw his regime as a bulwark against Communism his nation was a testing ground for US inspired economic theories Countries desiring World Bank support were told to emulate Pinochet s free market policies, and Chile s government pension even inspired President George W Bush s plan to privatize Social Security The other baggage the assassinations, tortures, people thrown out of airplanes, mass murders of political prisoners was simply the price to be paid for building a modern state But the questions raised by Pinochet s rule still remain Are such dictators somehow necessary Horrifying but also inspiring, The Dictator s Shadow is a unique tale of how geopolitical rivalries can profoundly affect everyday life

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    Heraldo Munoz, a former leader in the left movements of Chile, provides a look at the dictator Augusto Pinochet who ruled with an iron fist in Chile throughout the 1970 s and early 80 s Munoz provides what he terms as a political memoir to look at the changes surrounding the regime from those who opposed it throughout the time of Pinochet One point that has to be appreciated from this book is that while it captures the horrors of Pinochet s time it does not go through a categorical list of atr Hera

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    Augusto Pinochet Ugarte An atypical dictator if there ever was one This book, told through the coupling of a firsthand memoir with in depth analysis of Chilean politics past and present is the work of Chilean socialist and current Chilean politician, Heraldo Munoz Munoz, who was an avowed supporter of Marxist Socialist President Salvador Allende when he came to power in the early 1970s begins the book with a chapter profiling his personal experience in the nation of Chile on September 11th, 1 Augusto Pin

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    The Dictator s Shadow is a classic study on the makings of a right wing dictator under the auspices of the American government Never underestimate America s capacity to undermine democratically elected governments or to destroy social justice movements that threaten predatory capitalism On November 6, 1970, only days after Allende s inauguration, Nixon presided over a National Security Council meeting on Chile in the White House cabinet room Kissinger opened the meeting All the agencies are The Dictator s Shad

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    I loved the back and forth between the Pinochet s rise to power and the author s underground opposition work There are even some interesting connections to the Denver area, as he attended DU, went to school with Condoleeza Rice and played on soccer teams in the area He uncovered a lot of new information for me, such as the relatively passive personality and approach Pinochet took in his career leading up to the coup, getting involved only at the last minute after others convinced him Its a re I loved the back and fo

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    The history of Chile, from 1973 through 2006, is fascinating and not well enough known by the majority of U.S citizens This memoir, written by someone with first hand knowledge of the events, is a comprehensive and fascinating summation of this tumultuous period, during which the Chilean people suffered greatly The dictator in the title is General Augusto Pinochet, and for a long time, he ruled by fear and benefited from a fractured political landscape This book tells the story of how the va The history of Chile, from 197

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    The NYTimes comments about this memoir that the author went to State Univ of NY at Oswego thinking it was a suburb of NYC It si only a five hour drive He returns to Chile and as Pinochet launches his coup he has unstable sticks of dynamite strapped to his chest lookimg for a target Fast forward, he is now Chile s permanent representative to the UN.Pinochet was not only a ruthless dictator but he was also a pragmatist and a survivor He lived into his 90 s think Franco and presided over the The NYTimes comments about this memoir

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    The Dictator s Shadow is a nonfiction book about life under Agosto Pinochet in Chile It talks about how Pinochet came to power and how he was able to consolidate his power for so long Pinochet s regime is still a regime that is studied a lot in political science Pinochet is a hero to some and a villain to others His rise to power is very interesting, especially for me, a person who spent a lot of time in undergrad studying Latin American history.Perhaps one of the most interesting things a The Dictator s Shadow is a nonfiction book a

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    It s a fairly dense book and not exactly something fun to read when I have reading for classes to do so it took me about 9 months to read it That said, I don t know if I could have gotten aclear picture of the Pinochet regime from any other source For a fairly academic book, Munoz provided a lot of personal anecdotes that gave a clear picture of who Pinochet was Munoz own political views were apparent, so his take on some issues was certainly sided, but the purpose of the book was not It s a fairly dense book and not exactly something fun

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