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Here and Now and Then To Save His Daughter, He Ll Go Anywhere And Any When Kin Stewart Is An Everyday Family Man Working In IT, Trying To Keep The Spark In His Marriage, Struggling To Connect With His Teenage Daughter, Miranda But His Current Life Is A Far Cry From His Previous Career As A Time Traveling Secret Agent From Stranded In Suburban San Francisco Since The S After A Botched Mission, Kin Has Kept His Past Hidden From Everyone Around Him, Despite The Increasing Blackouts And Memory Loss Affecting His Time Traveler S Brain Until One Afternoon, His Rescue Team Arrives Eighteen Years Too LateTheir Mission Return Kin To , Where He S Only Been Gone Weeks, Not Years, And Where Another Family Is Waiting For Him A Family He Can T RememberTorn Between Two Lives, Kin Is Desperate For A Way To Stay Connected To Both But When His Best Efforts Threaten To Destroy The Agency And Even History Itself, His Daughter S Very Existence Is At Risk It Ll Take One Final Trip Across Time To Save Miranda Even If It Means Breaking All The Rules Of Time Travel In The ProcessA Uniquely Emotional Genre Bending Debut, Here And Now And Then Captures The Perfect Balance Of Heart, Playfulness, And Imagination, Offering An Intimate Glimpse Into The Crevices Of A Father S Heart And Its Capacity To Stretch Across Both Space And Time To Protect The People That Mean The Most

About the Author: Mike Chen

Mike Chen is a lifelong writer, from crafting fan fiction as a child to somehow getting paid for words as an adult He has contributed to major geek culture websites The Mary Sue, The Portalist , covered the NHL for mainstream media outlets, and ghostwritten corporate articles appearing in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Enterpreneur, andA member of SFWA and the Codex Writers group, Mike calls the San Francisco Bay Area home, where he can often be found playing video games and watching Doctor Who with his wife, daughter, and rescue animals.

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    3.5 stars, rounded up.I know I m not the only one who finds novels about time travel utterly irresistible It s not the science of time travel that fascinates me, although I m always drawn in by the possible paradox of running into yourself somewhere in time For me, it sthe thought that one single action, even the smallest gesture, can set off a chain of events that could change the

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    This book THIS book THIS BOOK.Here and Now and Then is a perfect little sci fi gem, with just a touch of literary When time traveler Kin gets stuck in the 20th century, he does what any reasonable person would do fall in love and start a family This turns out to be a perfectly good plan until suddenly the rescue team shows up, almost two decades too late Now Kin is back in the 22nd century,

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    I enjoy time travel stories every once in a while and I just accept the moving from one time to another, paying little attention to the details of what gets the character there and back and sometimes back again The important things for me are the characters and their relationships and how they manage in the different years So I tried to ignore the technical details put forth here, although some of

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    Here and Now and Then is a superbly plotted technological twister about a husband and father forced into an impossible choice The science is precise and clever, and Chen deftly serves up each unexpected turn, in the process constructing his own impossible two poignant and disparate lives simultaneously experienced by one person As a writer I read with admiration, and as a mother I sometimes needed a handke

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    Y all, I have a special place in my heart for time travel and I love reading about future tech It s the reason I love Black Mirror so much seeing possibilities.I don t read nearly enough speculative fiction and Here and Now and Then has given me the nudge I needed.One of the things that made this book so enjoyable for me is that there is plenty of technology involved, but we don t get bogged down in specs and the

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    Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen is a science fiction fantasy novel This particular time travel adventure takes a look at what happens if things in the past are changed by the time travelers.Kin is from the year 2142 when time travel becomes common and is an agent for the Temporal Correction Bureau TCB The agents of the TCB are tasked with going back and protecting the past from corruption as any little change can chang

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    Here and Now and Then was a perfect mix of family drama and sci fi adventure Kin and his predicament caught my interest from the first chapter and held it throughout The time travel elements were well thought out and blended seamlessly into the tale I was never left questioning the viability of anything that took place Kin was an engaging character as a reader, I desperately wanted him to succeed and overall this book was a real

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    This is a beautiful, literary, genre bending sci fi novel about a time traveler and his love for his daughter Kin s mission to reach across time and space to save his beloved daughter is both touching and terrifying Fans of THE TIME TRAVELER S WIFE and DR WHO will love Mike Chen I can t wait to see what he writes next

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    Mike Chen s debut novel Here and Now and Then begins with a man out of time Kin Stewart is an agent for the TCB Temporal Corruption Bureau who gets stuck in the late 1990s when his retrieval beacon gets damaged It takes two decades for the Bureau to find him, and by then he s broken their cardinal rule not to mess with the past by marrying his wife Heather and fathering a daughter, Miranda Corruption to the timeline is negligible, so the TCB all

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    This is why I love NetGalley I pick up a book that I normally wouldn t look twice at and end up finding a gem This is a quick, original read that says a lot about the love of a parent for his her child It s muchthan a typical scifi with layer upon layer of goodness and depths of feeling that many of this genre fail to reach I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the movie adaptation cause I don t see how someone won t buy the rights to this one O

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