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Rebel Girls It s , and there s a rumor spreading in Baton Rouge When it comes to being social, Athena Graves is far comfortable creating a mixtape playlist than she is talking to cute boys or anyone, for that matter Plus her staunchly feminist views and love of punk rock aren t exactly mainstream at St Ann s, her conservative Catholic high schoolThen a malicious rumor starts spreading through the halls a rumor that her popular, pretty, pro life sister had an abortion over the summer A rumor that has the power to not only hurt Helen, but possibly see her expelledDespite their wildly contrasting views, Athena, Helen and their friends must find a way to convince the student body and the administration that it doesn t matter what Helen did or didn t do even if their riot grrrl protests result in the expulsion of their entire rebel girl gang

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    More rebellion, please Most people wouldn t touch this topic with a ten foot pole, so I ll give Keenan tons of credit for finding an eleven foot pole Rebel Girls explains the different viewpoints in the abortion debate in a way that s accessible to teens It leans a bit pro choice, but the story s focus is really on understanding others views That alone makes it worth a read My major problem is

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    This was a cool trip down memory lane.A large chunk of my rating is for the nostalgia aspect of the 90 s era.The characters were interesting and the story was decent.I would have likedrebellion for a book called Rebel Girls With the setting being a Catholic school I suppose they did what they could within those confines Thanks you NetGalley and Harlequin TEEN for my ARC This was a cool trip dow

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    It s 1992 and Athena Graves is figuring out who she is in her Baton Rouge, Louisiana Catholic high school She has feminist views, a love for punk rock, and an appreciation for the up and coming riot grrrl movement after hearing a Bikini Kill demo while visiting her mom in Washington state over the summer.Athena is shocked to hear a rumor spreading that her younger pro life sister Helen had an ab

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    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway Touches upon opinions of abortion at a Catholic School in the 1990s Interesting read about how political, religious and a solely women s issue shape one s opinions of someone else

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    In fairness because this book isn t out for a couple months, I won t leave a rating because it s a low one Still love the cover though.While I appreciate the attempt and idea behind this book, it just isn t it Everything is so messy and I m sorry to say even the writing wasn t good This book is all about a girl whose sister ends up in the middle of a bad rumor that is ruining her life at their Cat

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    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryI received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Check out the original review on The Moonlight Library for gifs You would think, for a book that calls itself Rebel Girls, that there might be some actual rebellion going on in the plot.It s n

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    Blog Twitter Instagram Review can be found here at Booked J 3.5 As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review This does not effect my opinion in any wayAs one of my most anticipated reads of 2019, Rebel Girls was at the tip top of my TBR for the end of summer Look at that cover Check out that synopsis I mean, surely, you can see why it was a

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    This review can also be found on my blog.disclaimer I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for review consideration All of the opinions presented below are my own.This book was, unfortunately, a struggle for me I loved the cover and was excited to read a political, feminist YA It just didn t quite feel like that s what I got At first, I really enjoyed At

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    When life gets your fellow girl down, you stand back up with her.It s 1992 and the rumor mill of one Baton Rouge high school is churning Word quickly spreads that Athena Graves little sister, Helen, had an abortion over the summer Athena knows that it doesn t matter what Helen did or didn t do, but at their conservative Catholic High School, those words have the power to get her expelled The sisters a

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    Rebel Girls, while enjoyable is probably going to be a mostly forgettable read for me I loved the strong focus on sibling relationships, girl solidarity, and challenging belief you find harmful or disrespectful, but I just didn t connect with the characters as much as I wanted to Sister Catherine was probably one of the standout characters and I loved seeing her throughout the story Unfortunately, I di

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